A modern approach to enterprise architecture that will bring your organization together and set its direction for the future

Executive overview

Enterprise architecture is making a resurgence in a variety of industries due to the continuing increase in complexity in the IT business landscape. While we ground our practice in a variety of well-known frameworks (e.g., TOGAF®, Zachman), WWT takes a modern, more agile approach to enterprise architecture. We have a deep focus on helping our customers breakdown silos in their organization, collaborate and create meaningful, digestible artifacts. In addition, a trusted governance process is created, and modern documentation tools are used in order for the artifacts to be “living and breathing” and ultimately consumed by the enterprise.

This workshop will lay the groundwork for building an enterprise architecture in an enterprise, and guide organizations toward a more holistic vision for their future.


  • Understand your current state of enterprise architecture
  • Develop a high-level mapping of your key domains and capabilities
  • Create a framework for an enterprise architecture governance process
  • Outline the structure of artifacts to be created and align on purpose
  • Understand your ability to execute by assessing your overall IT maturity

Work with wwt experts

Work directly with our experts to:

  • Develop your organization’s architecture principles
  • Align on the key domains and capabilities within your company
  • Create strategies, roadmaps, standards and reference architectures across domains
  • Build an inventory of future capabilities and milestones needed to get from where you are today to the most impactful future state
  • Design the workflow from enterprise architects to solution architects to engineers and other service delivery functions
  • Develop enterprise service management strategy to align the people and process to the vision and strategy
  • Create accurate timeline expectations that create real expectation that match with the organizations goals

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