Cut through the confusion with WWT enterprise storage experts

The rapid decline of fast-spinning disk drives in the data center and the narrowing price differential between flash and spinning disks have made flash the obvious choice for enterprise storage. This means that it’s not a matter of if, but rather when, you will move to flash. Similar to most infrastructure deployments, uncertainty and confusion can be inevitable with so many available solution options. WWT’s architecturally independent, multi-vendor approach and flash lab capabilities within the ATC provide customers with the ability and opportunity to rapidly adopt new enterprise storage capabilities. WWT’s Enterprise Storage Infrastructure Workshop provides an opportunity to dive deep into the topics of flash, storage network and NVMe with WWT experts.


This workshop will provide you with:

  • A holistic understanding of your current storage environment and office refresh or new site goals;
  • A greater understanding of storage network options;
  • A survey of the latest flash offerings available today including roadmaps;
  • Hybrid and multicloud capabilities of each offering;
  • Examples of prior customer proofs of concept, popular use cases, business challenges, test plans and scorecard outcomes.


Create a storage architecture roadmap that addresses:

  • Current business needs;
  • Data lifecycle management;
  • Emerging technologies;
  • Cloud data management.


The benefits of WWT’s Enterprise Storage Infrastructure Workshop will help you increase your speed to solution. WWT’s substantial investment in technical resources and ATC flash lab capabilities allow our customers to design, build and deploy an optimal enterprise storage solution significantly faster than they could do on their own. This helps our customers by decreasing the time it takes to deploy new business solutions and applications. The workshop can also help drastically speed up existing applications, allowing you to respond more quickly to business opportunities. Leveraging WWT’s knowledge and experience around flash storage solutions, our customers can assess numerous OEMs, use cases and test plans in several days or weeks, rather than months.

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