Facilities Infrastructure Cooling Workshop

4 hours
The deployment and management of a data center’s cooling environment needs to be carefully considered as it can impact the overall operation and cost of your Data Center.  In an effort to squeeze more processing power into existing space, organizations are relying increasing on the use of blade servers and virtualization technologies.  With these increased server densities and higher speed network equipment generating increased heat cooling strategies are significantly affected.  Adequate airflow, right size cooling and higher operational temperatures will reduce maintenance costs and provide a healthy IT environment. 
By setting design goals based on adaptability, availability, maintainability, manageability and cost, WWT’s Facilities Infrastructure cooling workshop offers practical recommendations that can be implemented to establish an effective cooling solution that will help your organization optimize cooling strategies for essential capacity. 
World Wide Technology’s (WWT) Facilities Infrastructure Cooling Workshop looks beyond the hype to demonstrate how our prescribed methodology helps organizations capitalize on infrastructure technology. You’ll see firsthand how WWT’s pragmatic approach addressing people, process, technology and architecture increases business agility.  

What to Expect

Our Facilities Infrastructure Cooling workshop is a four-hour or less business session focused around today’s environmental challenges.  These sessions are intended to level‐set your day-to-day challenges with “cooling infrastructure” and provide strategic insight on how to execute effectively. You will also gain an understanding of the services that WWT provides to support the evolution of your data center, including pre‐ and post‐sales assessments, technology integration, packaged solutions, customized enterprise‐grade procurement outsourcing professional deployments. 
WWT offers practical recommendations to optimize your Data center cooling environment and accommodate higher-density server solutions without overhauling the entire infrastructure. WWT can also help recommend passive and precision cooling, aisle containment, airflow strategies and more.
This workshop is a collaborative session that resets these common marketplace perspectives with the correct cooling, airflow and heat rejections solutions, converged infrastructure, accelerated deployments and capabilities assessment methodology. In addition, we will help you identify company specific business agility drivers and obtain organizational buy‐in and funding for these key IT initiatives. 
  • 1. Address containment to separate incoming from exit air
  • 2. Decide on what supply air temperature your facilities can operate under
  • 3. Utilize a variable solution that can adjust to IT load variances
  • 4. Put monitoring and management tools in place
  • 5. Look into new innovative solutions: Natural Air, Immersion, Geothermal, Liquid Cooled and more


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to discuss cooling challenges faced in the data center, as well as IT goals and requirements with WWT’s certified experts and Technical Solution Architects (TSAs).  
Attendees will obtain a clear understanding of WWT’s proven facilities infrastructure data center methodologies and capabilities. WWT will level‐set expectations for efficient cooling strategies as well as address the challenges and opportunities regarding newer innovations. A follow‐up high‐level action plan may be provided in written format.