Facilities Infrastructure Safety Workshop

4 hours
Data center security is a serious undertaking and is one of the most critical components of your business. Organizations facing increased compliance mandates within the data center will benefit from our Safety Workshop providing viable and proven best practices to help organizations optimize safety strategies for essential security of your facilities and assets. 
Although conversations about data center security often focus on protecting servers from digital attacks, it’s important to remember mission-critical facilities require state-of-the-art physical security solutions to protect against a variety of physical threats. These include: 
  • Environmental threats such as floods, earthquakes, storms, fire and temperature 
  • Supply system threats such as power distribution outages, communication interruptions and energy resource issues 
  • Human threats such as unauthorized access, employee errors, vandalism and theft 
  • Politically motivated threats such as strikes and terrorist attacks 
WWT’s Facilities Infrastructure Safety Workshop looks beyond  data protection to the physical nature surrounding the data center to strengthen your environment.  We will discuss knowing where the people are, building security in layers, training your people on what to watch for and adding the right level on monitoring and management.

What to Expect

Our Facilities Infrastructure Safety workshop is a four-hour or less business session focused around today’s physical security challenges. These sessions are intended to level‐set your day-to-day challenges with “physical security infrastructure” and provide strategic insight on how to execute effectively using WWT’s Facilities Infrastructure Practice methodology. You will also gain an understanding of the services that WWT provides to support the evolution of your data center, including pre‐ and post‐sales assessments, technology integration, packaged solutions, customized enterprise‐grade procurement outsourcing and professional deployments. 
This workshop is a collaborative session that will help reset common marketplace perspectives with physical security and the methodology behind it. In addition, we will help you identify company specific business agility drivers and obtain organizational buy‐in and funding for these key IT initiatives in support of you physical protection. 
  • 1. Get Physical - Control physical access to your data center.
  • 2. Use multi-factor authentication.
  • 3. Keep an eye on your investment - CCTV.
  • 4. Build in layers.
  • 5. Don't forget about the natural threats.


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to discuss safety challenges faced in the data center, as well as IT goals and requirements with WWT’s certified experts and Technical Solution Architects (TSAs).  
World Wide Technology’s (WWT) Facilities Infrastructure Safety Workshop helps take the steps to protect your data center assets, employees and property. These include: 
  • Performing a risk assessment. 
  • Analyzing and specifying equipment and solutions. 
  • Implementing a layered approach with perimeter security, access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection. 
  • Evaluating, designing and deploying fire/life-safety solutions. 
  • Assessing and addressing environmental concerns and controls. 
  • Defining and establishing security protocols and procedures for the data center and overall enterprise. 
  • Training users on system operation. 
  • Servicing and maintaining systems. 
Attendees will obtain a clear understanding of WWT’s proven facilities infrastructure data center methodologies and capabilities. We will level‐set expectations for efficient safety strategies as well as address the challenges and opportunities with physical protection. A follow‐up high‐level action plan may be provided in written format.