Facilities Infrastructure Workshop

4 hours
During this workshop, you'll see firsthand how WWT uses our proven facilities infrastructure design services and team of professionals with the skills to make your next IT investment a reality. We are uniquely positioned to design the facilities infrastructure for a new, upgraded or consolidated data center either on-prem or in a colocated facility. Our expertise in IT solutions, products and supporting facilities enables us to design a solution that supports the IT architectures of today for years to come. 
The workshop is a collaborative session that resets common marketplace perspectives between IT and Facilities and how they best fit together. In addition, we will help you identify company-specific business agility drivers and obtain organizational buy‐in and funding for these key IT initiatives. 

What to Expect

A WWT Facilities Infrastructure Workshop is four‐hour business session focused on the topic of the infrastructure to support building the data center of the future. These sessions are intended to level‐set the power and thermal chains, space layout and structured cabling and provide strategic insight into effective execution using WWT’s facilities infrastructure deign methodology. You will also gain an understanding of the services that WWT provides to support the evolution of your data center, including pre‐ and post‐sales assessments, technology integration, packaged solutions and customized enterprise‐grade procurement outsourcing. 

We take extreme care to note where your organization is in its IT development and how that influences the size and configuration of your data center space. Our goal is to provide the best solution while still allowing for flexibility, scaleability and manageability, along with keeping cost and efficiency in the forefront of the design.
  • 1. Obtain a clear understanding of data center facilities infrastructure methodology.
  • 2. Openly discuss high‐level facilities challenges.
  • 3. Whiteboard business agility and cost drivers.
  • 4. Build understanding regarding the reality of points of failure.
  • 5. Comprehensively understand WWT’s capability set to accelerate IT in your organization.


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to discuss challenges faced in the data center, as well as IT goals and requirements with WWT’s certified experts and technical solution architects (TSAs). Attendees will obtain a clear understanding of WWT’s proven facilities infrastructure design methodologies and capabilities. We will level‐set expectations for enabling your IT environment to run efficiently and effectively as well as address the challenges and opportunities regarding the entire infrastructure. A follow‐up, high‐level action plan may be provided in written format, based on the discussion’s key topics.