Location-Based Services Workshop

4 hours
Location, location, location. It is a part of just about every application we use in today's world.

What to Expect

This is a deep dive white boarding and lab experience for finding solutions for location-based services and workflows. It includes but is not limited to WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy, Passive and Active RFID, Barcode, Ultra-Wide Band and GPS. 

  • Get a review and SWOT analysis of the dominate location-based technologies and platforms.
  • Leverage the WWT Location Services Labs to see how the various technologies are used to solve everyday use cases.
  • Learn how to create a single-pane-of-glass for visibility into complex and multiple medium location-based services and workflows.

Goals & Objectives

Explore the different wireless mediums, platforms and devices that support today's location-based services. Gain an understanding of which technologies can solve your organization's location based use cases.


Customers are highly encouraged to bring their own location-based services and location-based workflows to work on. All WWT Workshops include deliverables. In the case of this Workshop, that can include a Readiness Assessment, a High-Level Design, a High-Level Bill of Material or all three.