Microsoft Identity Workshop

24 hours

Identity is today's control plane for digital transformation. Organizational barriers are blurring between who is in and out of your network. Cloud apps and the increasing use of personal devices and remote work mean that data is no longer centralized behind traditional network security. Given the complexity of identities, data, applications and devices, it's essential to learn how to ensure the right people are accessing the right information, securely.

What to Expect

The Microsoft Identity Workshop is a three-day engagement that helps us assess the maturity of the customer's identity estate by making use of Azure Secure Score and application discovery tools to gain visibility in to their present state and help define clear steps to mitigate risks. The workshop includes four different phases within the engagement.

  • Pre-engagement call: Introductions and set expectations.
  • Engagement setup: Kick-off meeting, evaluate the secure score, gather the identity score details and configure engagement tools to run a discovery of your environment.
  • Design and planning phase: Design cloud and hybrid identity solutions for your environment, self-service password reset (SSPR) options, multi-factor authentication (MFA) options, conditional access (CA) options and Azure AD application management.
  • Workshop day: Customer value conversation of the Microsoft identity platform, discuss security strategy, present design decisions and discuss next steps.

Goals & Objectives

In this workshop, we'll show you how identity is the fundamental pillars of an integrated security philosophy and end-to-end security strategy.

With identity attacks on the rise, this workshop will show you how to stop tomorrow's data breaches by securing identities today. We will help you find identity risks happening now in your environment, gain insights on your application landscape and improve your identity security posture.


  • Understand your identity goals and objectives.
  • Define your existing and desired identity security posture.
  • Provide insights into applications used within your environment (sanctioned and unsanctioned by IT).
  • Showcase core IT and user security scenarios through demos.
  • Develop a joint action plan based key results, recommendations and next steps.