Juniper and Mist Campus Networking Workshop

1 hour
Get a deep dive into Juniper switching and Mist Wi-Fi platform capabilities for Campus and Branch Networking

What to Expect

Items that can be covered in the workshop include (but are not limited to):

  • Architecture overview and SWOT discussion
  • Overview of EX Switching, Wired Assurance, Marvis VNA, Mist Wi-Fi, Advanced Use Cases
  • Juniper Mist Lab: A curated tour with the WWT Juniper Mist Lab environment
  • Uses cases (customer's own and similar deployments) review and discussion

Goals & Objectives

This workshop is intended to provide you with an understanding of Juniper's Campus Networking products, their Mist management platform as well as an overview of WWT's hands-on, on-demand Juniper labs. We will dive into your use cases, management, and performance challenges and discuss deployment best practices. The framework of the workshop is flexible so that it can be structured to focus on areas of particular interest to you.  


Gain a deep understanding as well as practical knowledge of the Juniper switching and Mist Wi-Fi network platforms. Understand how your particular use cases and issues could benefit from these platforms.