Network Attached Storage Workshop

8 hours

Unstructured data is growing at an ever faster pace. Faced with the avalanche of unstructured data, the enterprise is challenged to manage the ever-increasing data with the same or fewer resources. What is the best solution for your requirements? In this workshop, using our proven methodology, we will help you answer this question.

What to Expect

Leveraging WWT's knowledge and experience around NAS solutions, our customers can assess numerous OEMs and use cases. Work with our experts to assess their current environment and to create a roadmap for their future architecture that meets their current and future NAS requirements.

  • Assess the current environment
  • Current and future business needs
  • Emerging technologies
  • How to optimize the environment

Goals & Objectives

WWT's architecturally independent, multi-vendor approach and capabilities within the ATC provide customers with the ability and opportunity to rapidly adopt new enterprise NAS capabilities. WWT's NAS Workshop provides an opportunity to dive deep into the topics of Network Attached Storage with WWT experts.


Discover the state of your current environment and speed to select and implement an optimal future environment. Leveraging WWT industry expertise and practical knowledge gained through customer POCs in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC).