Detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents through security automation

Executive overview

Learn how security automation is a new way of consuming and responding to threat intelligence indicators and allows security operations teams to automate repetitive tasks that security analysts have to execute in the investigation and mitigation of security events.

A key value proposition of a SecDevOps approach is it can reduce the time it takes to get the myriad of security platforms and technologies to respond in a way that is aligned to the organization’s incident response processes and it’s people. WWT’s experts will show you how a security automation platform and playbooks can harmonize and accelerate the benefits of the organization’s chosen best-of-class cybersecurity technology today with reduced operational costs and accelerating the cybersecurity OODA (Observe, Orient, Detect, Act) loop.

As a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, Palo Alto Networks Gold Partner, Splunk Gold Partner, Tanium Partner and award-winning technology solution provider, WWT is the perfect partner to help you implement the tools, processes and techniques for implementing a SecDevOps approach in your organization. Based on our experience with hundreds of customers, you can explore the benefits of automation firsthand and see exactly how you can leverage automation to expand productivity while enhancing security and control.


WWT’s Security Automation Workshop is a two- to four-hour technical whiteboard and hands-on lab session focused on exploring how security automation and orchestration can address both the technical and strategic requirements of your organization.

The primary objective of this offering is to illustrate how automation tasks can be combined into an orchestration process to provide operational efficiency and agility using your organization’s incident response objectives.


Our Security Automation Workshop delivers expert insight into the pragmatic approaches for your organization based on the current staffing and processes you have to adhere to. WWT experts will provide a complete overview of the architectural components of security automation and will help you determine use cases for your operational environment.

In addition, the workshop has a hands-on lab component that will allow security operations teams to experience the instantiation of a security automation platform utilizing Splunk as the data ingestion source and Phantom Cyber as the security automation platform.

Security Automation Workshop

Our workshops are tailored to specific customer requirements with the customer and account teams providing the workshop goals and objectives before WWT arrives on site. We can deliver workshops and demonstrations utilizing the following vendors in the cybersecurity ecosystem:

  • A10 Lighting Application Delivery System
  • Ansible Tower, a dashboard and REST API for Ansible
  • Cisco Cloudlock Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Cisco Endpoint Advanced Malware Protection System
  • Cisco FirePOWER
  • Cisco IOS BGP Remote Triggered Blackhole Architectures
  • Cisco Meraki API integration with Phantom Cyber
  • Cisco OpenDNS Umbrella
  • Cisco OpenDNS Investigate API
  • Implementing F5 BIG-IP firewall rules from Phantom Cyber
  • LookingGlass Threat Intelligence Platform
  • McAfee EPO
  • Microsoft Windows Active Directory Controller
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Phantom Cyber
  • Splunk
  • Syncurity
  • Tanium

View our Security Automation Workshop brochure.

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