Fully protect your data from outside security breaches

Prevalence of security threats

Enterprises are continuously threatened by security breaches, which can have numerous consequences when it comes to business operations and success. Compromised data is an extremely costly issue, yet many organizations do not have the proper incident response teams or resources needed to keep their security strategies up-to-date.

Improving incident response plans

While many companies draft incident response plans to combat threats, not all are put into use or continuously improved. One way to maintain an effective incident response plan is through tabletop exercises. A tabletop exercise is a simulated security breach demonstration, led by a facilitator, in which you can interact with these incidents as they unfold in enterprise environments.

WWT’s solution

WWT provides customized incident response tabletop exercises for your organization that enable you to more fully protect your data from outside security breaches. These exercises are designed to highlight real-world threats affecting your organization’s industry vertical. Drawing on actual security data, WWT provides a relevant learning experience for your incident response team. We offer both on-site and virtual experiences, varying in time and complexity.

Key benefits of an incident response tabletop exercise:

  • Provides an opportunity for staff to test (and gain familiarity with) your security plans
  • Identifies gaps in current strategies, resulting in incremental improvements over time
  • Helps participants understand their individual roles and how different groups will interrelate during a crisis

After conducting the simulation, WWT delivers a report that summarizes the details of the exercise, identifies the organization’s overall strengths and weaknesses and provides recommendations for further improvement. This ensures that each organization has the most operational security protections for their stored data.

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