Wireless Strategy Workshop

4 hours

Many enterprise networks currently in operation were not designed to support the throughput demands of today's mobile and wireless devices. Success requires establishing a wireless strategy that incorporates incorporates technologies such as Wi-Fi 6, 5G and CBRS/pLTE.

The WWT Wireless Strategy Workshop is a two- to four-hour strategic whiteboard session focused on identifying your organization's unique business use cases and wireless hardware needs. 

What to Expect

This workshop begins with a discussion about your desired utilization of an ideal wireless network, as well as the impact of future use cases on your enterprise wireless infrastructure. The rest of the session will be customized to meet your organization's specific areas of interest, which may include:

  • MIMO/MuMIMO: What advancements can you expect to achieve with the coming wireless changes via 802.11ac Wave 2 and Wi-Fi 6E or CBRS?
  • Throughput: How much do you have versus how much do your users really need?
  • Wireless Best Practices: How can you improve your current wireless infrastructure?

Goals & Objectives

Information gathered during this workshop will be used to form a comprehensive wireless strategy that addresses your organization's business drivers and challenges. Deliverables from this engagement can include one or all of the following:

  • A high-level document with suggested actions or business relevant advice. 
  • A high-level architectural design. 
  • Benchmarking and periodic managed services health checks. 
  • A statement of work or bill of materials to engage with our Professional Services team. 


What is a workshop?

A workshop is typically a paid engagement, with predefined objectives, that results in the creation of strategic project deliverables: action plan, high-level architectural design, proposal or quote for project implementation. Workshops may be delivered remotely or onsite.

Who should attend?

Directors and Managers of Wireless Networks, IT Directors, Wireless Network Engineers and Architects.


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to establish a framework for managing the growing wireless capacity needs within an enterprise environment. Attendees will learn best practices for managing and deploying wireless networks to end users as well as how to manage end-user devices.