Consulting Partner Private Offers

WWT & AWS Marketplace

WWT & AWS Marketplace: Consulting Partner Private Offers

Customers can now purchase cloud software and services from WWT in AWS Marketplace using Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPOs)

By purchasing directly from WWT, customers not only get a cloud partner with knowledge of their business and localized expertise, they still receive the same friction-free purchase experience they're accustomed to in AWS Marketplace.

All you need to partner with WWT for an AWS Marketplace CPPO is an AWS Account ID and an AWS Marketplace Product or Professional Services Listing URL.


How it works

Inside the AWS Marketplace, WWT can work with independent software vendors (ISVs) (e.g., NetApp, F5, Palo Alto, CloudCheckr, Hashicorp and more) to customize pricing, offer duration, payment schedules and professional services. Once the offer has been created and extended, customers can subscribe to the offer through their AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

For example, through the AWS Marketplace, WWT offers the Terraform Enterprise Quickstart to provide the initial design and deployment of a high-availability TFE cluster in a single AWS Region to enable Infrastructure-as-Code, Policy-as-Code, and the onboarding of users and applications. Customers can also purchase the Hashicorp Terraform Enterprise licensing through WWT via the CPPO program.

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