WWT and VMware Horizon Enabled Remote Operations

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World Wide Technology and VMware Team Offers HERO to Support Rapid and Secure "Work-From-Home" Access Using Existing Resources. Enabling employees to be productive wherever they are located is a key component of a solid business continuity plan. Transitioning to a secure work-from-home model can be challenging, particularly when the need is immediate, and the timeframe is short. Organizations have four basic options, depending on their specific needs




  • On-premises virtual desktops and applications.
  • Cloud-hosted virtual desktops and applications – Desktop as a Service (DaaS).
  • Unified endpoint management for multiple device types.
  • Remote access to physical Windows PCs and laptops (HERO).




Among these options, HERO is the most cost-effective, the quickest to implement and requires the least amount of planning. In a matter of weeks, the solution easily scales to support thousands of remote users. The HERO solution allows an organization to securely turn its existing physical desktops/docked laptops into "virtual desktops" that can be accessed from home via any web browser with "one click." With HERO, remote users can work from home almost immediately with the exact same desktop delivery or applications experience they have at their traditional workplaces.


HERO is the best option for organizations facing these challenges:

  • Large influx of workers that suddenly need to work remotely.
  • Experiencing extremely poor performance across VPN infrastructure.
  • Cannot react quickly enough to scale hardware for the bottlenecks.
  • VPN is complicated for users who were not previously using VPN.
  • Large portion of their applications and workflows perform poorly over VPN.
  • User personas that are not currently able to be delivered over VDI or virtual applications today.
  • Considering enabling RDP over the internet and trying to deliver a web link to remote users to essentially RDP into their corporate machines in the office.


HERO meets the needs of organizations that do not have the time, resources or capability to build out a working cloud desktop environment. HERO is the preferred option for organizations seeking the fastest way to market, with essentially zero change to desktop delivery or applications because it essentially provides users with "HDMI over IP" directly to their desks from home.

Additionally, WWT can integrate the HERO solution directly with any MFA/2FA solution to meet security requirements without opening RDP or any additional protocols. The desktop is extended securely using VMware Blast Extreme protocol over HTTPS. This enables users to work remotely using existing resources with no change to user workflow and no need to architect new VDI or Application Delivery solutions.

HERO Schematic
HERO Schematic

How to Implement the HERO Solution

With our deep knowledge and experience designing world-class solutions, WWT can help you expedite the decision-making process and implement the HERO solution and keep your employees working efficiently and securely when they are working remotely.