Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that making a positive social and business impact on the world requires a combination of corporate social responsibility and embracing diversity in people and ideas.

Ann Marr, VP, Global Human Resources and CSR Executive Sponsor

Community and Employee Engagement

Through recruitment, workforce inclusion and education we provide our employees with the needed resources for success.  Employees are not only encouraged to better themselves in the workplace, but also to give back. Every WWT employee is offered the opportunity to get involved in their community through our Day of Caring initiative. WWT also encourages all teams to participate in other community outreach programs by sponsoring team building activities with an emphasis on volunteering within our community. Our goal is to create positive change for the communities we cherish.

Governance, Ethics and Compliance

Honesty, integrity and trust are key elements of WWT’s core values and culture. WWT executive management invests a tremendous amount of time and effort communicating the understanding of our core values to ensure that they remain the foundation of our work. This unified approach is advanced through individual accountability of governance and compliance as well as a structured leadership program. Each year every WWT employee reaffirms his/her individual accountability for upholding our code of conduct and following all applicable laws, regulations and company policies.  In addition, every WWT employee also participates in group leadership meetings including a review of our core values, corporate vision and mission.

Preserving the Environment

Preserving the Environment

WWT is committed to sustainability initiatives and addressing the daily impact our business has on the environment. With a focus on energy and waste reduction, water conservation and end-of-life product planning, WWT works to protect our planet while providing business value for our customers.

Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity

Our supplier diversity program is a critical component of our company’s success. WWT has developed this program from the same foundation as the rest of our business – our clearly defined core values, corporate vision and mission. This program has helped improve the sustainability of our organization through developing partnerships with minority-owned, women-owned, disabled veteran-owned and small business enterprises. WWT ensures all of our business partners and suppliers are committed to conducting business with the highest possible standards in regard to ethics, labor, employee health and safety, diversity and the preservation of our environment.