DevOps is the combination of people, process and technology to enable continuous delivery of value to end users. Organizations that iterate and deliver quickly are better able to experiment with ways to increase customer adoption and satisfaction while pivoting when necessary.

Are You Ready for DevOps?

DevOps methodologies can improve the engineering processes for any organization, regardless of the environment in which your applications and services run. Whether you're an infrastructure, software development, operations or security engineer, learn how DevOps methodologies can help your teams deliver services with speed, stability and availability. 

How Do I Get Started?

When evaluating agile and DevOps frameworks, it's important to understand a wide range of challenges. There is an increasing push to automate business processes, adopt cloud technologies and the need for better collaboration between IT and the business. WWT can help you evaluate, design, implement and operate the right DevOps processes and tools to enhance your operational efficiency and drive business outcomes. 
Our pre-sales consulting, workshops and assessments can help make sense of the latest DevOps landscape. We'll evaluate and measure the maturity of your culture, processes and technical practices — all capabilities shown to be predictive of high performing organizations. 
Adopting DevOps practices may require significant changes to your organizational structure and cross-organization collaboration models. Our experts will leverage the capabilities of our Advanced Technology Center to design a high-performance environment for your development and operation teams. 
We cover the entire spectrum of implementation services. Between our Application Services and Professional Services teams, we can provide services related to agile software development, DevOps process and tooling, and infrastructure deployment. 
Once your new processes and infrastructure are in place, our Application Services team will support your DevOps execution efforts and cloud-native application development. 
DevOps Workshop
Our interactive workshop teaches customers about DevOps principles, practices and tools that can be leveraged to successfully deliver applications and services with a focus on throughput, stability and availability.

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