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Our voluntary legal benefit is enhancing for 2023 and encompasses access to a network of more than 14,000 attorneys. Coverage includes all eligible attorney associated fees for a wide range of legal matters such as estate planning, real estate, family and juvenile matters, traffic offenses, adoption and much more! This service is available to all employees for $18 a month and anyone in the household can use the benefit an unlimited number of times for advice and consultation.

Please Note: If you desire to opt-out of this benefit for 2023, you will need to cancel your coverage during open enrollment period.


Identity Theft Protection

ID Theft Protection is a great voluntary benefit to give employees the support and tools they need to protect personal information from online threats. This benefit offers access to ID Theft detection, protection and identity restoration. Employees can select either individual or family (household) coverage level through Vantage. This benefit can be elected any time throughout the year.



Back-Up Care, Family Support & College Coaching


World Wide Technology understands the meaning of family and how important this aspect of life is. With parents having to work remotely and assist their children with virtual learning, household activities and responsibilities now look differently today. We want to help employees with this transition in lifestyle.

Bright Horizons, a leading childcare provider for employers, offers child back up care and enhanced family support to all full-time employees. As a company provided voluntary benefit, it provides employees an extremely low expense access to childcare/support 24/7/365. Back-up care consists of unplanned or planned care, in-home or center-based with an extensive nation-wide network of caregivers. The enhanced family support will also include a network of caregivers and support for child and elder care, academics, college coaching, nanny placement, pet sitters and housekeepers. The online platform will also offer online leaning discounts, classes and small group tutoring. 

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Voluntary Accident Insurance

Accidents in life happen and can affect your emotional and financial health. To supplement the health plan and give you more peace of mind, Cigna will provide your family with coverage and additional financial protection for expenses with unplanned accidents. This benefit will ultimately assist with costs such as emergency care, hospitalizations, fractures, alternative treatments and preventative care. This voluntary benefit can be elected during annual enrollment and for details and rates, please see the Accident Insurance Benefit SummaryThere are no copays, deductibles, coinsurance or network requirements. Cigna will also offer tools and resources to find the right care at the right cost. For an overview of accident insurance, click here.  For more information, please call 800.754.3207.

Accident Rates:




Maternity Management 

Maternity Management program is available to promote a healthy pregnancy through Allegiance (a Cigna Company) and offers great incentives for moms who join in their first or second trimester. Please view the Maternity Management document under More Information for more details.


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Milk Stork

Milk Stork makes it easier for nursing moms to travel for work! Moms can overnight daily milk deliveries back to the baby without having to worry about TSA or using what is in the freezer. Milk Stork takes care of all the logistics so moms can focus on the work trip! For additional information please see the document under More Information.


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Pet Insurance


In need of health coverage for your furry family members? We offer group rate discounts for pet insurance through Met Life  covering dogs, cats and more for nose-to-tail coverage! Services covered on the plan range from pet injuries, illnesses and accidents. Employees have the option to choose from the three benefit plans for their animal type from a major comprehensive medical plan to a simple wellness plan or both!

Please Note: Group rates vary by breed of animal. This is not a payroll deducted benefit. You must enroll in this benefit directly with Met Life.


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Online store for exclusive company deals and discounts. PerkSpot has over 1,000 deals that include: car rentals, cell phones, entertainment, auto buying, electronics and more. Employees and their family members may use this benefit an unlimited number of times.


Purchasing Power


Purchasing Power is a purchase program offered through World Wide Technology that helps employees shop for products through an online store and pay for them over time from their paycheck. Plus, there's no credit check, no down payment and no hidden fees. With Purchasing Power, you can pay for purchases over 12 months with a fixed, regular payment via paycheck deduction. Purchasing Power does not charge interest, and they let you know how much you'll pay right up front. Because the payments are automatically deducted, you don't have to worry about scheduling them each month.


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GotZoom Student Loan Debt Relief Advantage!

Website: GotZoom

In a nutshell, GotZoom identifies, maximizes, enrolls and re-certifies an organization's employees into Federal Student Loan Repayment and Loan Forgiveness Programs for which they are currently eligible. We provide a no-obligation benefit analysis to all employees with federal student loans and only charge for our services when the employee fully understands and agrees to the program benefits.

In 2018, GotZoom saved clients on average 63% on their federal student loans!

  • Average GotZoom Monthly Savings: $468
  • Average GotZoom Annual Savings: $5,616


The process begins with the identification of a company's employees with federal student loan debt. Since 82% ($1.4 trillion) of all student loan debt is federal, this is the best place for a company sponsored debt relief program to begin. We have a simple survey process that helps the employer both introduce GotZoom and identify employees with federal student loan debt. Once employees are identified, GotZoom reaches out to them via email, phone, webinar and/or onsite presentation to explain the service offering, answer questions and begin the client intake process (form-based or online).


Once the GotZoom Client Intake Form is 100% completed (with the required supporting documentation such as proof of income) and returned we will provide a no-cost program benefit analysis to all participating employees within four business days. This analysis will inform employees of how much they can save on their federal student loan debt by maximizing their use of federal repayment and/or loan forgiveness programs.


If after the free program benefit analysis, the employee wants to proceed and utilize GotZoom's services, the following fee structure will apply: $407.00 initial processing fee and $32.95 a month. Employers can cover the fees or pass the cost of the program to the employee.

Once a participant agrees to utilize GotZoom's services and a case file has been created and submitted to the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) and Servicer, most employees have access to 60-90-day abatement program (i.e., employees can stop making their monthly federal student loan payment for said period).


GotZoom will save enrolled employees at least an average of 20% on their federal student loans for every 100 participating employees or GotZoom will waive/return all initial processing fees.


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Bank of America: Banking & Investing Program


The Banking & Investing Program is exclusive to World Wide Technology employees. Through this program, employees will be allowed to enroll direct banking with all program fees waived such over drafting, checking and savings maintenance, check copies, replacement cards and statement copies.

In addition, the employee mortgage program is inclusive of this benefit, offering a dedicated lending specialist, a real estate center "find a home" tool, a digital mortgage experience for time updates on your application and signing documents with ease and more. Bank of America also offers a tailored on boarding program and mobile platform to support employee financial awareness, guidance and participation with personalized content, information and tools.