Advanced Services

Service needs are radically different than they were just a few years ago. Evolving client demands, hard-to-find skill sets, rapid technology developments and other external factors require today’s service organizations to quickly evolve their capabilities and entitlements.

Sophisticated buyers know this and are asking their service providers some tough questions.

WWT Advanced Delivery Services

We answer "Yes" to every question from the quiz above:

  • Our engineers are backed by a 24x7x365 Command Center that brings architect-level operations support to the phone within a 15-minute SLA.
  • Each engineer has access to our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) innovation ecosystem. This collaborative lab environment allows our engineers to design, build, educate, demo and deploy innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions from hundreds of OEMs.
  • WWT accelerates on-site deployments by leveraging 100,000+ square feet of secure integration space to configure thousands of systems per week. Customers also have access to more than 2.5 million square feet of global warehousing and distribution space.
  • With more than a million devices installed to date, we have the scale to meet your business demands.
  • As the #1 partner of leading OEMs, we hold unrivaled access and insight into emerging products and best practices.
  • Our proven methodologies structure every service delivery to ensure your ideas become outcomes. Exceeding client expectations and delivering a clear vision beyond the scope are key objectives for every engagement.

What to expect

  • Experienced WWT architects and consultants capable of supporting broad engagements, beginning with discovery and assessments and moving through broad network/data center modernization efforts.
  • Identification of all infrastructure assets, weaknesses and recommendations for improvement.
  • Detailed reports summarize the results of engagement activities, schedules, runbooks and the completion of network transformation and data center migration initiatives.
  • A 99% cut success rate.
  • Access to hands-on labs and the experts who developed them. 
  • Our staffing services recruit the best candidates for our customers through your choice of dedicated or designated consumption models.

The difference is our culture

The difference is our culture

In services, people matter.

No other service provider has happier employees than WWT! Satisfied employees provide great service, and our clients love working with our people. 

Demand a provider that treats its people as well as you treat yours. Check out some of our more recent accolades.

Leading infrastructure partners

Leading infrastructure partners

WWT is the top partner for many major OEMs.

We integrate products and services from thousands of manufacturers, equipment vendors, distributors, channel partners, software publishers, consultants and internal resources to create integrated technology solutions, focused on solving business problems.