Long Le, a Technical Solutions Architect on WWT’s Multicloud team, has more than 17 years’experience in the technology industry. His focus is on infrastructure automation and cloud. Long was recently selected as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Partner Network (APN) ambassador, one of the select few in the world. We sat down with Long Le to gain further insight on what exactly an AWS APN Ambassador does, how it can affect engagement with customers, and and how this impacts WWT.

Q&A with Long Le

What does an AWS APN ambassador do?

APN ambassadors are technical experts in the APN partner ecosystem. An APN ambassador contributes his or her technical knowledge to the community through a wide variety of different avenues. For example, ambassadors frequently do public speaking engagements, write articles, create white papers and drive certifications both internal and external to their organization. An APN ambassador possesses expertise in the AWS platform and uses that expertise to help accelerate adoption of AWS.

Why was this something you thought was important to pursue?

I was first made aware of the program by our AWS Partner Team, and after learning more about the program and the positive outcomes it strives for in the community, it was a no-brainer to pursue. It has given me, and by extension WWT, access to a plethora of resources that has helped us accelerate our cloud business.

How will being an AWS APN ambassador help you when engaging on customer projects?

The most impactful benefit of being part of the APN Ambassador program is that you get access to other ambassadors along with the AWS Solutions architects running the program. You can share experiences, gotchas, and have a group to ping ideas off of, which is invaluable.

How has your role at WWT prepared you to be an AWS APN ambassador?

It’s no secret that WWT is rapidly expanding its cloud capabilities and business. As a part of that journey, I’ve had to interact with multiple groups to help see how cloud fits into their existing segments. In addition, I’ve had to organize or give training to the the ever-increasing number of people wanting to learn about cloud and cloud technologies. These kinds of activities, evangelizing a new platform and technology, are very much in line with the core tenets of an APN ambassador.

For more information about Long, including how he got into technology and what current innovations in technology excite him, check out his WWT profile.

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