There's no doubt that data today is a valuable resource: It fuels a new age of information and a new suite of tools, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are sharpening decision-making for government leaders and automating monotonous tasks for government workers, among other benefits. But data comes with a dark side: mountains of data need storage, sorting and cleaning; incomplete data can leave algorithms biased or unhelpful and a new wave of data privacy laws bring with them questions and requirements around data use and anonymization.

On this episode of AI Tipping Point -- a podcast series from Government Executive in collaboration with NVIDIA, World Wide Technology and NetApp that aims to answer the question: "If 2019 was the 'tipping point' for AI, then what's ahead?" -- host Constance Sayers, President of Government Executive Media Group, discusses the double-edged sword of data with Greg Smithberger, director of the Capabilities Directorate and CIO for the National Security Agency, and Kirk Kern, Chief Technology Officer at NetApp.

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AI Tipping Point Ep. 2: The Power and Problems of Data Stream Now