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This article was written by Stuart Strickland, Distinguished Technologist in the CTO team at Aruba.

Introducing Aruba's indoor location services

Our goal is to bring the ease and widespread adoption of outdoor GPS to indoor environments. To overcome the limitations of today's manual approaches, our APs use built-in GPS receivers, fine time measurements, and intelligent software to establish their locations accurately and automatically in the universal language of latitude and longitude.  Self-locating APs provide the absolute reference essential to unlocking new use cases and deploying location-aware services more broadly.

With Aruba's self-locating APs, enterprises and service providers will be able to deliver location-aware applications more quickly, accurately, and at scale across the entire wireless LAN footprint, eliminating the need for costly and error-prone manual surveys.

Watch the video on Aruba's self-location indoor APs.

Bringing GPS indoors

Your mobile phone delivers location information perfectly well outdoors, but you cannot count on it when you go inside. Once indoors, it loses GPS reference points and has no indoor reference points to fall back on.

To bring GPS indoors, Aruba solves this problem by automatically determining and sharing access point locations rooted in the same coordinate systems used by GPS. We do this through a combination of high-sensitivity GPS receivers embedded in our APs, fine time measurements, and careful orchestration and coordination of measurements across the network.

Expanding availability of indoor location services with the Open Locate initiative

Open Locate is an initiative to standardize how access points share their reference locations with the ecosystem, over-the-air and via cloud-based APIs. This enables mobile devices to locate themselves and to support location and analytics applications such as workplace utilization, space analytics, geofencing, and wayfinding services.  Working through IEEE and Wi-Fi Alliance in collaboration with ecosystem partners across the networking industry, Aruba aims through Open Locate to ensure accurate indoor location wherever there is Wi-Fi.