An easier way to mature cloud capabilities

Cloud computing has become a key driver of modern digital and business transformation. Whether you're new to cloud or already invested in a public, private or hybrid cloud deployment model, the future success of your business could very well depend on your ability to systematically mature your cloud capabilities.  

WWT Research created this Cloud Maturity Model as a guide to help organizations develop their cloud strategy. We designed it to serve as a valuable framework for assessing current-state IT environments, setting priorities and scaling cloud capabilities across people, processes and technology.

In the report, we outline six general stages of cloud maturity while arming you with important questions to ask before attempting to level up, plus actionable steps to help you do so. You'll discover:

  • How to accurately assess where your organization stands in terms of cloud capabilities.
  • The importance of having a clear vision for achieving short- and long-term cloud goals.
  • Tips for aligning IT and business leaders behind a comprehensive strategy and governance model.
  • And more!
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