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Enterprises are struggling to take control of their data in a hybrid cloud world. Data silos are emerging in both the data center and the cloud to support backup, disaster recovery, files, dev/ test, analytics, new cloud services, and remote locations. This only exacerbates the mass data fragmentation problem that makes data management inefficient, complex, and leaves data sitting idle and vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Microsoft Azure and Cohesity give you a joint solution to take back control of your data over hybrid cloud. Cohesity Helios consolidates all data infrastructure onto one unified and efficient multicloud data platform. Cohesity also extends on-premises data to Microsoft Azure to take advantage of the scalability and pay-as-you-go model of the cloud. The joint solution enables customers to use Azure for data protection, long-term archival, dev/test, and disaster recovery.

Key use cases

Long-Term Retention on Azure: Cohesity can archive data to all Azure BLOB storage for long-term retention. Data is deduped and compressed, and is also indexed for fast granular search and retrieval back to on-premises from the cloud. 

Disaster Recovery on Azure: Enable disaster recovery on the Azure cloud with failover and failback capabilities. Replicate data from an on-premises Cohesity cluster to Azure to failover and failback onpremises when operations are restored.

Cloud Native Backup: Protect Azure VMs and applications on running on Azure or Azure Stack with efficient snapshots APIs. Snapshot backups can be stored on Cohesity to maximize data reduction efficiency or they can be stored directly on Azure BLOB storage and managed remotely from a Cohesity cluster.

Dev/Test on Azure: Quickly spin-up data copies and VMs for developers on Azure VMs from on-premises sources. VM formats are automatically converted to ensure compatibility.

Back up Azure Stack: Simple and efficient backup and recovery of Azure Stack HCI, Hub and Edge data and infrastructure onpremises. Flexible backup options that deliver near-instant RPOs for Azure Stack.

Back up Azure VMware Solution: Simplify backup and recovery for Azure VMware solution and deliver a consistent data management experience across your VMware hybrid cloud. Use Azure VMware Solution as a disaster recovery site and to eliminate standby infrastructure.

Key cloud capabilities

Helios – Multicloud data platform and global GUI that provides a comprehensive range of data management services, on-premises, in the cloud including Azure, or in an as-a-Service model.

CloudArchive – Archive older backup data from on-premises to Azure BLOB storage for long-term retention. CloudArchive deduplication reduces storage and data transfer costs on Azure cloud.

CloudArchive Direct – Archive data directly to cloud to reduce storage costs and eliminate the need to store a full backup copy on-premises.

CloudTier – Use cloud as an extension to Cohesity's built-in storage to tier the data between a Cohesity cluster and Azure cloud storage. Enable capacity bursts to the cloud.

CloudSpin – Move and spin up on-premises VMs on Azure for dev/ dev or DR. Automatically, replicate, convert, and spin up VMs on Azure VMs on demand or using policy based scheduling.

Cloud Snapshot Manager – Lightweight backup and recovery of Azure workloads using snapshot APIs and managed by Cohesity running on-prem without the need for additional cloud infrastructure.

Cohesity provides a single platform and UI that simplifies data management on Azure and hybrid cloud. It runs natively on Azure to protect cloud-native apps and when it's deployed on-premises it provides simple connectivity to Azure to extend your data center to the cloud for long-term retention, disaster recovery, test/dev, and tiering as well providing protection for Azure Stack, and Azure VMware solution.