Partner Spotlight: Cohesity

Cohesity & WWT: Redefine Data Management

WWT is an authorized partner collaborating with Cohesity on providing data management solutions for our customers around the world.

WWT began our partnership with Cohesity in 2018. Since then, WWT has quickly grown to become Cohesity’s fastest growing partner and expanded to international sales by early 2020.

Both WWT and Cohesity partner with industry giants like Cisco, HPE and Pure Storage, as well as the top cloud service providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. With WWT's capabilities and experience with storage and data management solutions, our customers can truly take advantage of our partnership with Cohesity.

WWT is a proud Strategic Partner, dedicated to efficiently protect, secure, and manage your data. You can explore the Cohesity offerings in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC).

WWT and Cohesity Partnership

Backup and Recovery

Ransomware Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Replication


Cohesity in the ATC

Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is a collaborative ecosystem where customers are able to explore how Cohesity fits into integrated architectural solutions that further accelerate their digital transformation. The ATC, itself a software-defined next-generation data center, helps customers explore and prove out any Cohesity technology, including:​

  • Cohesity Essentials
    • User Interface
    • Initial Setup and Configuration
    • Protecting Resources
    • Recovering Resources
    • Agile Dev and Test
    • Cohesity Smartfiles
Cohesity in the ATC

Highlighted Labs

To learn more about our Cohesity capabilities, speak with an expert or to take advantage of what we have in our labs, please complete our Contact Us form.


WWT holds the following accreditation with Cohesity:

Sales Accreditation

Technical Accreditation

Installation Accreditation 

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