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WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is a dynamic innovation ecosystem built on a continually changing set of physical and virtual labs. To make the ATC a reality for our customers and partners, we are continually adding and removing servers, storage arrays, networking devices and entire equipment racks. 

With continual changes to existing infrastructure and the need to quickly deploy new racks, we needed a better solution: APC iBusway for Data Center. 

With great power comes great responsibility

When adding additional racks or more power to existing racks, we were usually required to run additional power feeds. Sometimes this was to allow for more PDUs, or perhaps larger amperage power feeds to capable PDUs. Manually adding power feeds involved:

  • locating and scheduling 3rd party licensed electricians to come to site;
  • waiting for necessary cables, connectors and tools;
  • waiting for the scheduled date; and
  • waiting for them to physically wire additional power feeds.

Given that a primary use case for the ATC is to accelerate the evaluation and testing of solutions, the delays required to deliver new or additional power to equipment were challenging. We needed a better solution.

The solution: APC's iBusway for Data Centers

The iBusway for Data Center solution is a plug-in busway power distribution system designed specifically to deliver power to IT racks. This solution requires no IT floor footprint and eliminates centralized cable distribution. Using flexible pre-assembled tap-off units and APC's PowerLogic energy metering, iBusway for Data Center is a modular solution that minimizes unintended downtime, adapts to changing needs and optimizes your data center availability and energy efficiency.

iBusway provides WWT with multiple advantages over our legacy manual power solutions, including:

  • Total cost of ownership: iBusway offers superior reliability, space-saving overhead design and energy efficiency.
  • Manageability: iBusway provides real-time power monitoring and enhanced connection-point visibility.
  • Adaptability: iBusway allows for quick installation and high density of deployment.
  • Availability: iBusway eliminates cable clutter, eliminates under-floor and human error challenges and comes factory-assembled and tested snap-together components.

Next steps

To discuss this solution or other facilities challenges, reach out to your WWT account team to request a Facilities Infrastructure Workshop. Also, make sure to follow our Facilities Infrastructure topic for the latest updates.