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Recovery is key as cyber defenses are never 100% reliable. Advanced data security and management solutions provide additional security and recovery to help organizations withstand and recover from cyber incidents; these incidents include ransomware, destructive cyber-attacks, insider threats, natural disasters and system failures.

Along with immutability, zero trust principles and instant recovery of data and processes, organizations need solutions that can: detect cyber threats, provide impact analysis of sensitive data exposure, securely isolate data and seamlessly integrate with security operations. As a result, organizations should consider modernizing security and resiliency with a cloud based service to:

  • Simplify threat detection and ensure clean data recovery
  • Identify sensitive data exposure
  • Securely isolate data from threats
  • Integrate with security operations

Improve your cyber resilience

Cohesity DataHawk provides multiple cloud service offerings designed to deliver comprehensive data security and recovery capabilities to withstand and recover from cyber incidents. It leverages AI/ML to detect user and data anomalies that could indicate an emerging attack, utilizes threat intelligence to ensure recovery-data is malware free, and with data classification enables organizations to determine the exposure of sensitive and private information when an attack occurs. DataHawk provides an additional layer of security for recovery data with point and click data isolation and integrates with your security operations to leverage your existing incident response and remediation processes.

Bolster your data security defenses, accelerate recovery

Improve threat detection

Improve your detection of ransomware and other attacks by detecting unusual changes in backup data that can signal an emerging attack, or user behavior that could indicate unauthorized data use or access. Ensure your backup data is malware free with threat detection driven by threat intelligence and deep learning.

Understand attack impact

Determine if sensitive data has been exposed to ensure appropriate remediation and compliance processes.

Layered security with data isolation

Support best practices and emerging requirements for additional security with isolated and offsite data protection. 

Leverage existing processes and controls

Integrate data anomaly and user behavior detection to security operations to amplify and support existing incident triage, response and remediation processes.

Services for security and recovery

Threat Intelligence and Scanning

Improve data security with one-click threat detection and scanning, user behavior analysis and ML driven data anomaly detection.

Intelligent Data Classification

Data discovery and classification powered by BigID using ML based pattern matching to identify sensitive and regulated data.

Cohesity FortKnox

Data isolation service with management, network and location isolation, supported by immutability, zero-trust principles while delivering flexible and granular recovery.

Integrations to Security Operations

Integration with playbooks to Palo Alto Networks XSOAR, ServiceNow, Cisco SECUREX, Crowdstike, Splunk and Securonix.

A proven platform for data security and management

Thousands of customers already enjoy the simplicity and proven value of Cohesity Helios® multicloud data platform. No matter where you are in your data security and management journeys we have the right solution to help you protect and get the most out of your data. We offer a full suite of services consolidated on one multicloud data platform: Data security and protection, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, file and object services, dev/test, and data compliance, and analytics.