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How Service Providers Can Maximize ROI on 5G Infrastructure

Today's operator networks were not built to handle the bandwidth and latency requirements needed to deliver 5G-enabled applications, which will create new revenue streams service providers must leverage to monetize infrastructure investments.

March 19, 2020 50 second read

Service providers invested billions of dollars deploying 3G and 4G networks only to see over-the-top providers like Netflix and Facebook — companies that leveraged virtualization and disaggregation to enable rapid service delivery — truly prosper. 

Now at the dawn of 5G network proliferation, service providers can't afford a repeat scenario. Network operators must make costly infrastructure investments while at the same time develop solid business cases for deploying services to end-customers that will monetize such infrastructure.

No easy task

Service providers' networks of today were not built to handle the increased bandwidth demand and low latency requirements that next-generation services will require.

Operators need to leverage disaggregated, multi-vendor solutions to virtualize nearly every aspect of the network and deploy those solutions at scale to truly maximize ROI of 5G infrastructure

We recently compiled five solutions service providers can leverage to pave the way to 5G success. 

5 Steps Operators Can Take to Monetize 5G See for yourself
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