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Get a clear, objective view of your state of security.

Federal enterprises are constantly grappling with current and future cyberthreats, while also managing the complexity of their existing security systems and applications. Many WWT federal clients never get the opportunity to hit pause and assess their current state of preparedness to optimize current systems and operations. After 10 years of spending on cybersecurity tools and capabilities, agencies are asking where they are better protected today compared to a few years ago. Were those investments part of an overall cybersecurity and operations program, or were they ad hoc efforts that increased confusion, duplicated efforts or created gaps in the architecture?

Assessing current tools and future cybersecurity needs

WWT has expertise to help clients with these unique challenges. Recently, WWT helped a large Department of Defense agency rationalize its current cybersecurity tools in an all-day ideation workshop. WWT experts, armed with decades of cybersecurity and homeland security experience, hosted the workshop with for agency stakeholders at our Innovation Center in the heart of Washington, D.C. This workshop provided the opportunity to talk through elements of the existing cybersecurity program and map the agency's current capabilities to a model reference architecture. The exercise revealed several tools that the agency was paying for but wasn't using completely. Many of these capabilities were operating in stovepipes, making it difficult to connect dots across data sources.

The result: A streamlined, cost-effective security strategy

WWT recommended a plan to decommission duplicative capabilities and identified a next-generation firewall to apply unified protection both on-premises and in cloud infrastructure. Because of the WWT ideation workshop, the agency had a better understanding of the tools and capabilities it already had while immediately putting a plan in place to maximize what was already working and eliminate several overlapping capabilities, saving immense costs. These improvements would help streamline work within their security operations center and better utilize personnel.

Industry-leading expertise + best-of-breed technologies

With its state-of-the-art collaboration equipment and open workspaces, WWT's 11,650-sq-ft. Innovation Center is at the core of WWT's commitment to building a culture of innovation for government customers, helping them overcome their biggest challenges. At the Innovation Center, our clients step through the entire lifecycle of innovation—from the generation of new ideas to forming strategic and tactical plans that lead to concrete outcomes.

The Innovation Center works in tandem with WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC), dubbed "Silicon Valley in St. Louis," and is powered by a 500-rack data center built on architecture from tech giants such as Intel, Cisco and HPE. At the ATC, these companies unite in a collaborative ecosystem that allows WWT and your team to build, test and produce game-changing solutions. And, because they're built on powerful Intel® platforms, data is always protected—at rest, in flight and in use—without compromising performance. Together, WWT and Intel help government agencies deliver hardware-enhanced security for better outcomes.

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