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We live in a world where everything is changing. We're under a data deluge that's coming at us full steam. We can do more with less time. There are societal and governmental needs for protecting its citizenry; for example, keep us safe from the next pandemic, build better cars with cleaner-burning fuels—the list goes on. Being in the IT/ICT business has never been more exciting because technology remains the center of making it all happen.

It's no surprise businesses are modernizing at a fast and furious rate.

Recent Gartner research shows more than 50% of CEOs and 69% of boards of directors demand accelerated growth and operational excellence.

Today's industries span traditional enterprise businesses (manufacturing, banking, healthcare, retail, etc.) to solar power, robotics, aerospace, leisure space (we'll soon send people into space for recreational purposes) and more. Data center modernization becomes even more critical as the demand for infrastructure modernization increases. 

Data and workload can burden servers, making them too hot, inefficient and costly to scale. One way to manage your investments is to make your servers more workload-specific so that each server can run more effectively.

Modern processors are designed for specific workloads for storage, network, mission-critical workloads, business applications, big data analytics and countless other tasks and workload classifications. Getting granular with data and about what you're running on each server reduces the burden, making them more cost-effective.

This trend toward "mass customization" is well underway. However, before you decide what and how to customize your servers, you will want to answer questions such as:

  • What constitutes a workload?
  • How do I schedule my workload?
  • How are my workloads orchestrated overall?
  • How will I streamline my carbon (CO2e) and water footprints and minimize my budget to meet ESG requirements?

With so many factors to consider, it can help to have expert third-party advisors guide you through it all.

This guidance is where WWT and HPE come in.

We work together seamlessly and strategically to help you navigate your solution options, narrowing your choices to what makes the best sense for your business.

HPE provides a full range of powerful, scalable and secure servers to meet all your business needs. From space and supercomputers to trustworthy enterprise-class computing, down to the edge and beyond, you have a robust selection of best-in-class solutions to deliver high performance where you need it.

Efficient, scalable and cost-effective HPE servers

HPE systems are computing- and data-engineered for the modern, hybrid world and designed to help you unlock more value from your data, achieve insights faster and enable innovation across the edge to the cloud.

HPE ProLiant Servers are secure, industry-standard servers that provide the agility of a modernized infrastructure, security to safeguard your digital assets, and the economic control you need to pay for only what you use. Considered the Swiss Army knife of servers, they are affordable and heavily relied upon for general business needs. As a building block for computing, you'll find if your workload is running something that requires a GPU (or several GPUs) for acceleration, you can scale out the ProLiant rackmount server infrastructure.

HPE Synergy is a composable, software-defined, bladed infrastructure designed to power any workload within a hybrid cloud environment. It helps you future-proof your data center and expedite application delivery in existing and new environments, simplifying your hybrid IT/ICT.

HPE Cray is today's most advanced supercomputer needed to handle exabytes of data to keep up with modern workloads while running in a productive, reliable and expedient manner. The Apollo line of servers has been rebranded as Cray, a supercomputer that converges HPC, AI and data analytics workloads and scales to any significant challenges. Showcasing a modern design, HPE Cray is built from the ground up to handle today's massive converged modeling, simulation, AI and data workloads.

Superdome/Superdome Flex fits the mission-critical systems category, essential in specific applications that build up large clusters or superclusters, many nodes, operating systems and components in a single system image. It allows you to build a large memory machine applicable to specific workloads, such as graph models, fraud detection, money laundering, cyber breaches, etc. Certain classes of algorithms work with large, single-memory system images.

Remember, you can quickly adopt any of these HPE solutions using HPE GreenLake, a flexible, pay-per-use, as-a-service platform that can run across the cloud, edge, on-premises or in a colocation facility. HPE GreenLake combines the cloud's simplicity with the hybrid cloud's governance, compliance and visibility.

HPE GreenLake's edge-to-cloud platform quickly delivers business outcomes and manages workloads easier with flexible IT infrastructure on demand.

GreenLake was designed for companies that want a cloud consumption model but aren't ready to go to the public cloud. Instead, they would prefer that same financial model in their data center. Modernization is what HPE GreenLake can provide. It's important to remember with GreenLake, you are not locked in. It's no different than the public cloud model. It is either on-premises or hybrid.

So, why would you choose an offering like GreenLake? Consider that some workloads won't work in the cloud, and other workloads are very expensive in the cloud. You may need flexibility with the right level of security. Or, you may be looking for opportunities across your edges, colocation facilities and data centers. It's also possible to derive better insights from your data. HPE GreenLake allows you to easily manage and harness your data across the edge to the cloud to achieve real-time innovation as businesses run faster and servers run hotter.

Deciding on GreenLake vs. on-premises vs. public cloud is like renting a car vs. buying one. Both outcomes mean you get a car. It's more of a financial decision. Are you going to keep buying new cars? Or are you going to pay one off and own it? These decisions are critical and can often be made more easily with the help of an experienced IT advisor.

How we can help

Our technical experts will assess your existing environment and provide unbiased feedback and strategic solutions for all your business modernization needs. We can help you design, test and deliver best-in-class HPE solutions that optimize performance and drive your business forward. Whether you need to identify ways to scale your IT for fluctuating demands; support next-generation processors and accelerators; map out your data gravity issues and move your overly-burdensome workloads; or get as much out of your data as possible, we can help you every step of the way. You can also leverage our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) for hands-on access to explore any HPE server solutions and interact directly with expert solution architects who can provide product comparisons and recommendations.

Talk to a WWT expert about what HPE Server is right for you.