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Cyber threats continue to be an unrelenting, global problem. Accelerated digital initiatives coupled with the lingering effects of the pandemic have forced businesses to make significant adjustments to their data protection models in a relatively short period of time.

As organizations evolve their data protection measures to defend against increased threats, cybercriminals are now working in less detectable but more agile groups. One reason cybercrime groups are able to maintain a low profile is accessibility. 

Ransomware tools are becoming more readily available, lucrative, and easier to use. With suppliers offering Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS), a subscription-based model that enables affiliates to use already-developed ransomware tools to execute ransomware attacks, the suspect pool has exploded. Solutions like these, and other simpler forms of malware, make it easy for even the most novice hackers to pull off sophisticated attacks from anywhere in the world. 

This puts an increased burden on IT and Security teams who are already dealing with naturally siloed approaches to cybersecurity: IT manages data management and backups, but security manages firewalls and lockdowns. 

A more centralized approach is required and is actually trending: Gartner predicts that by 2025, 40% of board directors will have a dedicated cybersecurity committee overseen by a qualified board member, up from only 10% in 2021.

To keep pace, organizations must make significant operational changes that bridge the divide between IT and security teams, solve for legacy infrastructure, and prepare for an evolving threat landscape. To do this, you need an advanced data security and management solution that focuses on three key cybersecurity capabilities: protection, detection and recovery.  

Cohesity DataHawk is an offering within Cohesity's Data Cloud that provides a  SaaS-based solution, designed to simplify and strengthen your data protection by combining these three capabilities into one unified platform. 

As a cloud-based cybersecurity solution, DataHawk modernizes your cybersecurity strategy by implementing industry-leading technologies, intelligent threat detection and instant data recovery. 

DataHawk is a part of Cohesity's Data Cloud, a unified platform for securing, managing and extracting value from your data. Cohesity's Data Cloud incorporates multiple cloud service offerings to enable you to operationalize your data security efforts across your entire IT environment. 

End-to-end cyber security

To protect your most sensitive data, threat-hunting intelligence analyzes backup data for suspicious activity, indicators of compromise and potential security breaches.

Deep-learning technology scans for the latest ransomware strains. The DataHawk software platform leverages pre-packaged curated daily against new and aged indicators of compromise (IOC). DataHawk leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) within your zero-trust framework to detect those IOCs within your backup data set. This can be a triggered event based off Cohesity's anomaly detection as well as managed by the customer's administrators. 

Knowing the impact sooner gives your teams the best chance at a speedy resolution. With advanced data classification, you can see what data sets were infected immediately in the case of an attack. You'll leverage over 200 built-in patterns and ML-driven algorithms to analyze, tag, categorize, label and classify data sets, so you know how to handle any sensitive data quickly and uniformly.

Cyber resiliency architecture ensures a clean recovery point for your workloads. This reduces downtime and gives your teams the tools they need to recover instantly in the event of an attack.

Seamless integration

DataHawk operationalizes your cyber resiliency strategy by integrating with your existing security environment. 

You can build in best practices and policies organization-wide that align with your existing technology and strengthen your overall cyber security strategy. DataHawk's reporting and intelligence can be also incorporates leading perimeter and end-point security vendors, giving you greater visibility, accountability and transparency via actionable alerts and insights. 

Integrating today's leading cybersecurity tools empowers your team to create a comprehensive defense strategy that can be replicated cross-functionally across departments and business siloes.

DataHawk also includes point-and-click data isolation, which utilizes your current data management workflow and allows you to leverage your existing remediation processes for a more streamlined incident response protocol.

DataHawk is different from most other cybersecurity solutions because it extends enterprise-grade cybersecurity capabilities as one single SaaS solution. Most competitors' solutions require the security component to be managed by the operations team that is traditionally focused on backup, as opposed to DataHawk's focus on leveraging well-established technologies to do the heavy lifting. 

Ease of use

A simplified data protection platform eliminates the need for additional manpower and reliance on engaging across your enterprise operations and security teams. Reducing the complexity of data management while undertaking a unified cyber resiliency solution is crucial to our customers' success. 

The Cohesity Data Cloud is more than a data protection solution; it's a single platform designed for complete data protection, cyber resiliency and data management. This prevents bogging down your teams with new technology or multiple access points or portals. Instead of retraining or toggling between platforms, Cohesity Data Cloud becomes a stronger part of your team's overall data management environment. 

Cohesity FortKnox, a SaaS cyber vaulting and recovery solution, complements DataHawk, providing your data an additional layer of security and protection against cybersecurity threats.

An offsite copy of your data is securely held in an air-gapped immutable cloud vault, logically isolated from possible reinfection. This secure copy is recoverable back to the original source location or alternate targets, including the public cloud.

The Cohesity Data Cloud portfolio provides a flexible global data management system along with granular recovery.

Combined best practices

Operationalizing your cyber resiliency strategy within your data protection workflow must include the best method and application of security your organization needs. 

WWT, a long-time partner of Cohesity, works alongside Cohesity's experts to develop a cybersecurity strategy that leverages the technology and processes you need to keep your data most protected. WWT helps you implement proven best practices to integrate Cohesity DataHawk within your security stack tightly. WWT also offers an Advanced Technology Center where you can test any solution in a real-life environment.

DataHawk has taken the complications out of operationalizing your cybersecurity solution by providing enhanced toolsets to create fast, efficient and cohesive cyber resiliency solution for your organization.

Contact us to learn how you can operationalize your cyber resiliency strategy with Cohesity DataHawk.