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Earlier this year we launched Zerto 10 from our corporate headquarters in Houston, TX. We are incredibly excited about this release because we've taken huge steps to expand ransomware resilience even further beyond the low RPOs and RTOs that our customers have come to trust. We want everyone to take advantage of Zerto 10's new features and updates. Whether you're already a Zerto customer or considering Zerto for the first time, here are the top 10 reasons to move to Zerto 10.

Real-Time Detection and Alerting

1. Real-Time Encryption Detection—Built around Zerto's real-time replication, Zerto 10 includes a new real-time Encryption Analyzer to detect encryption anomalies, which can indicate a ransomware attack has begun. Zerto 10 not only alerts you within seconds to an active ransomware attack but also identifies the blast radius of the attack, helping you quickly recover the specifically affected systems.

2. Extensible Alerting—The new ransomware detection capabilities are fully extensible through APIs, so alerting and analyses can be integrated into a broader cybersecurity dashboard. That data can then be used alongside other metrics for detecting ransomware, giving you even more powerful analytics with AI and machine learning.

Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault

3. True Air Gapping—The new Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault is built with powerful HPE compute and storage hardware and HPE Aruba Networking. Unlike many other competing vaults on the market, the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault offers true air gapping—there are no management ports open in the vault, only a dedicated FC storage network connection for replication. To manage the vault, an administrator needs physical access.

4. Immutability—The Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault adds another layer of immutability to what Zerto already has out of the box with Azure Blobs, Amazon S3, and S3-compatible storage. Vault immutability is provided via the storage snapshots used to protect the vault data. Because the vault is air gapped, NTP tampering can't trick its immutability, nor can attackers compromise it.

5. Zero Trust Architecture—The Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault is built on a zero trust architecture. In addition to immutability and air gapping, this includes protections like multi-factor authentication, role-based access control, principles of least privilege, and dual-authorization to prevent potential bad actors from compromising data internally.

Zerto Virtual Manager Appliance

6. Secure Zerto Virtual Manager Appliance—The new Zerto Virtual Manager Appliance (ZVMA) in Zerto 10 is the most secure ZVM yet, with built-in multi-factor authentication, a smaller attack surface, and a zero-touch maintenance model.

7. Automatic Updates—Zerto automatically updates the new ZVMA with the latest security patches and system versions, reducing your maintenance workload and keeping your appliance protected with the latest features.

8. Easy Appliance Migration—Sometimes change can be difficult, but moving to Zerto 10 isn't. Zerto provides a quick and easy process to migrate legacy Windows-based ZVM VMs to the new ZVMA.

Microsoft Azure

9. Scalability on Microsoft Azure—Zerto has created a new cloud-based architecture for Microsoft Azure that scales to protect hundreds or even thousands of VMs. New cloud-based Virtual Replication Appliances are deployed automatically to scale out replication and protection, whether you're replicating to or from Azure. The enhancements include a new API co-developed with Microsoft that enables multi-disk consistency.

10. Streamlined Azure Management—The new Zerto for Azure architecture also simplifies setup and management when you're replicating to and from Azure. You'll manage fewer appliances and get a more unified view of the VMs being protected to or from Azure. You can even protect within Azure using cross-region replication.

Zerto 10 is available now, and the sooner you make the move, the sooner you can take advantage of these amazing benefits. Zerto is on the front lines of the battle against ransomware, helping customers be ransomware resilient, achieve uninterrupted business, and adopt the cloud. With Zerto 10, we can help you achieve the best RPOs and RTOs in the industry. Let us know how we can help you take the next steps to move to Zerto 10.

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