Digital Internet of Things (IoT)
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Scaling Edge Inference Deployments on Enterprise IoT Implementations

Optimization of software based on broad and fragmented IoT components is a significant challenge.

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Executive Summary

Intel and WWT have teamed up to build an AI and data analytics optimized infrastructure to support specific usage models and workflows required by Top 100 enterprises as part of their business demands.

One of the significant challenges that developers face in building scalable IoT solutions for the enterprise is the optimization of their software based on the broad and fragmented IoT components. There are a tremendous implementation effort and time consumption from the development to the production stage. Also, security is usually left as one of the last priorities but is critical in deploying a solution for enterprise customers.

This paper presents the overall Edge Inference Infrastructure based on OpenVINO and Intel’s processors and accelerators. The outcome of this joint work is a full end-to-end IoT reference architecture with ingredients, capabilities, and features from hardware/ device, Operative System (OS), and containerization that meets customer requirements.

Scaling Edge Inference Deployments on Enterprise IoT Implementations