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Article written by, Tom Kozlowski, Principal Solution Architect, SDS and Appliances, Veritas.


Veritas NetBackup Flex Appliances

The NetBackup Flex appliances feature new microprocessor, lower memory latency and faster I/O subsystem. These improvements as well as tight hardware and software integration yield up to 35 percent faster backups on the NetBackup 5360 Flex appliance! Similarly, the NetBackup 5260 Flex appliance backup performance has been shown to improve up to 28 percent. Shorter backups reduce strain on compute, memory, storage and network across the enterprise freeing up the resources for other tasks. Faster backups also mean that data can be backed up more frequently leading to better Recovery Point Objective 

Cyber Security 

As the new cyber threats are uncovered, the Flex operating environment is continuously updated to include multiple security and vulnerability fixes and updates. The new NetBackup Flex appliances are shipped with the latest version of Flex however, the Flex 3.2 backward compatibility and simplified update process ensure that units already in production are also protected. 

Ease of Use and Updates 

Flex 3.2 operating environment introduces single-hop updates. If your appliances still run Flex version 2.1 you can update it in a single step to Flex version 3.2. The intermediate 3.0 and 3.1 updates are not needed. Once the update completes and regular operations resume, the new Flex 3.2 version is easily committed from the web-based appliance console - no separate CLI management console login is required. 


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The incredible performance gains offer shorter dollar-to-value time and immediate potential RPO improvement. The combination of new hardware platform and Flex 3.2 operating environment ensures the NetBackup Flex appliances are secure and scalable. User-friendly and consistent across releases the web-based interface makes the Flex appliances easy to operate. These attributes translate to better-performing, highly secure and easy-to-manage data protection solutions.