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TEC17 Podcast: Engaging the Remote Worker

The COVID-19 emergency is the latest example of why organizations are looking to enable more of their employees to work remotely. In this TEC17 episode, you'll learn what the challenges are and more importantly, the solutions that enable a more remote workforce.

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For years now, large enterprises have been seeing a rise in their number of remote workers. Some organizations have had remote worker policies in place, while others are just starting to move into this working environment. The latest challenges around COVID-19 have forced almost every organization to implement a remote worker policy in a very short time: days rather than weeks or months.

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Hear from our digital workspace experts

In this episode of our TEC17 podcast series, WWT Digital Workspace practice leaders Joe Berger and Brandon Echele discuss the most important aspects of the remote worker environment. They outline the tools that organizations need to implement these policies quickly, how this affects the increasing number of virtual meetings that workers have to participate in, how IT needs to prepare for a massive shift to a remote workforce and some tips on how to keep remote workers engaged and productive.