TEC17 Podcast: The Benefits and Challenges of a Multicloud Environment

In part two of this TEC37 episode on multicloud environments, Kevin McCarthy and Bryan Seefeld discuss those challenges and how WWT's Multicloud practice can be a valuable partner for organizations in meeting this challenge.

August 20, 2020 30 second read

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Part 2: Multicloud environments

In this second part of the World Wide Technology (WWT) TEC17 Podcast on multicloud environments, WWT Multicloud practice team consultants Kevin McCarthy and Bryan Seefeld discuss issues relating to mature organizations — in other words, those who have migrated to a multicloud environment. The issues that Kevin and Bryan discuss include how these organizations are defined, how WWT is uniquely positioned with their expertise and solutions to support organizations in the multicloud space and they conclude by describing several compelling use cases on this topic.

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