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In our previous research, 5G: Follow the Money, we identified the key sectors for 5G investment. This new report, 'The Innovation Agenda 2023', seeks to build on that insight by looking at the identified 'sectors to watch' in more detail. To that end, we spoke with a range of senior industry executives across three key industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing

By examining these industries, we've been able to gain an in-depth view of their specific circumstances; the common issues they're facing, and the technologies they plan to utilise in order to address them.

We found that despite their challenges, respondents spoke optimistically about their innovation plans for 2023 and beyond. It was clear that they all have ambitious goals and are looking to capitalise on opportunities to modernise their business structures. Whether through improving existing systems, or implementing new technologies it is clear that organisations know they need to work hard to ensure continual growth. 

Another emergent theme from the research was the hugely important role of service providers. Historically, joint attempts at innovation between industry and service providers have been complicated due to a lack of insight into each industry's specific challenges. This report aims to readdress that balance by providing critical insight into these three key industries.

Equipped with this research, we hope that service providers are better placed to engage meaningfully with industry partners, to address their specific pain points, and to help them make the best investments to secure their future. 

The Innovation Agenda
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