Article written by Patrick LaPorte, Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Veritas.

Situation and Overview 

In the cloud-first era, data is growing exponentially. Last year alone, 74 zettabytes of data were generated worldwide, complicated by the fact that IDC reported that 80–90 percent of the world's data is unstructured. The lift and shift strategy to move to the cloud has created a multitude of issues for IT departments and cloud architects/administrators—specifically the visibility, security, backup, and control of data across cloud environments. The backup and recovery tools offered by cloud service providers (CSPs) are not equal, and in some cases are not robust enough to handle the onslaught of cybercriminals, increasing natural disasters, human error, and unplanned cloud outages. In a recent study conducted by Vanson Bourne¹, 99 percent of respondents' organizations use cloud-provided security tools to some extent, yet 76 percent felt the current offerings from public cloud service providers fall short of their organizations' security needs. Even more worrisome, 89 percent of respondents' organizations have experienced a ransomware attack on the data held within cloud environments. 

There is a shared responsibility between cloud service providers and their customers around security and compliance. Simply put, CSPs are responsible for the resiliency of the cloud, but you—the customer—are accountable for resiliency in the cloud. That means that your organization must take ownership of your data, security, and backup, along with workload architecture and failover management. 

Veritas Alta™ combines our entire cloud services and solutions portfolio, creating the most comprehensive cloud data management platform built for any environment—allowing you to deliver your part of the shared responsibility model and beyond. Veritas Alta helps elevate your business to new heights by enabling business agility and reducing costs, while ensuring data and applications are protected, highly available, and compliant. 

Unmatched Ransomware Resiliency 

Veritas Alta protects data and reduces attack surface with added layers of security such as system hardening, AI-based anomaly detection, malware scanning, and immutability. Veritas Alta gives you the power of choice and flexibility when it comes to recovery, with intelligent and automated orchestration and non-disruptive, cost-effective recovery rehearsals. 

Confidently know where all your data is, while optimizing for operational complexity and cost management—with complete visibility and insights. 

The cloud-native architecture of Veritas combines automation, artificial intelligence, and flexibility to deliver the most cost-effective, secure, and autonomous cloud data protection available.

Veritas Alta View: Control Data Protection Anywhere 

Veritas Alta™ View provides a cloud-based management console that allows customers to manage their entire data protection estate, on-premises and in the cloud, from a single pane of glass. Rather than oversee multiple solutions for disparate on-prem and cloud workloads, customers can leverage a single management console for data in any location across multiple domains. 

Veritas Alta View integrates the Veritas analytics engine to provide customers with complete reporting, actionable insights, and a full view of their cybersecurity posture across their entire data estate. It harnesses AI and machine learning to drive autonomous data management actions, freeing the IT team to focus on transformational activities.

Application Resiliency: Powers the Always-On Business 

Unlike point products or CSP tools, Veritas Alta application resiliency solutions support all major cloud infrastructures, whether virtual, containerized, or bare metal. Customer benefits include a common set of tools to enable highly available applications across a multi-cloud environment, the agility to respond at scale to ever-changing business needs, and the ability to easily move applications across public and private clouds or repatriate them to on-premises. 

Application resiliency ensures the performance you need, enables application mobility, and safeguards your mission-critical services from planned and unplanned downtime.

Data Compliance and Governance: Illuminates and Remediates Information Risk 

Uniting all cloud functionality from the Veritas portfolio of leading compliance and governance products, enabling organizations to make informed decisions about all the information they store. Veritas Alta automates content classification, easily discovers relevant data for legal proceedings, eliminates dark data to reduce risk, ensures compliance, and optimizes their data footprint. 

Veritas Alta is the only solution with flexible deployment options—on-premises, IaaS, hybrid, virtual, and SaaS.

Pure Cloud Control 

  • Cloud-native solutions built for any environment (multi, hybrid, private, edge, on-premises)
  • Flexible consumption model, easy to implement
  • Enterprise scale with optimal cloud resource usage (dedupe, autoscaling)
  • Operationally simple, with intuitive UIs; but not at the expense of control
  • Reliability at scale from proven, trusted vendor
  • API-driven for integration and automation
  • Purpose-built for modern workloads such as K8s, PaaS, IaaS