Cloud Data Management

Take advantage of cloud scalability with enterprise data services available across your choice of cloud. Accelerate, protect and migrate critical data for your cloud workloads.

Cloud data services for an industry edge

Make your data accessible to cloud services reliably and affordably. Our experts can identify the best cloud-based services to meet your performance, availability, recoverability and manageability requirements for every type of workload — whether it's cloud-native data analytics, disaster recovery to the cloud, or backup and archival to the cloud.
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How do I get started?

You have many choices when it comes to cloud data management solutions. Between cloud native storage services, OEM-engineered services and cloud adjacent appliances, dozens of methods exist to manage data within a hybrid cloud infrastructure. We help organizations catalog their needs, evaluate their options and determine the best solution to meet their specific outcomes.
Our storage expertise spans from on-premises storage infrastructure to hybrid and multicloud storage to cloud native infrastructure selection. Ready to evaluate existing cloud data management solutions? Our experts can help you compare each solution — either in our Advanced Technology Center lab environment, in our cloud adjacent colocation facility or with cloud native services.
With a hands-on workshop engagement, our experts will help you determine which CDM product or service will best meet your requirements. We can evaluate your on-prem service catalog and map your current service delivery to a catalog of cloud-based services that will provide the same level of performance, availability and recovery. We can also help make sense of data flow and synchronization to let you funnel data from remote locations (i.e., the edge) all the way to the data center and cloud for processing and correlation.
Following solution design, we offer the opportunity to test a variety of implementations prior to deployment, whether it's on-premises cloud connected, colocated cloud connected or a cloud native storage platform and service. The ability to build data pipelines and simulations representative of your own environment will give you a greater level of confidence that the chosen solution design will operate according to your objectives.
As part of new technology adoption, it's critical to operationalize technology through training, documentation or SOP, automation and orchestration, monitoring and more. We help you bridge the knowledge gap created in operations by implementing new technology along with in-depth education and services engagements related to automation and orchestration, adoption and ongoing management.

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