WWT's Advanced Technology Center's (ATC's) mission is to create a collaborative ecosystem to design, build, educate, demonstrate and deploy innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions for our customers, partners and employees around the globe. The ATC is globally recognized for its tremendous capacity for customized technology programmability and simulation capabilities. The WWT Industry Solution Center (WISC) was established with the same vision, only it serves as an ecosystem of integrated IT and OT solutions. 

Inside the WISC, you can experience tried and unique product demonstrations and testing scenarios that acquaint you with solutions that optimize OT security and create efficiencies, interoperability and better visibility across the environment. For example, we can show your teams how industrial systems will operate while integrated with several types of networks common in production environments, and how these systems react when faced with a range of cyber-attacks. We can also perform proof of concepts to show whether and how integrated IT-OT solutions work, so that you can make extremely informed decisions about big purchases. 

Illustrative model for manufacturing plant of the future​

Adapting modern technology to industrial operations​ remains a challenge due to ineffective or absent relationships between IT and OT​ and limited means to test converged IT-OT solutions. We are working diligently with clients in industrial sectors to overcome these challenges and turn islands of production​ into integrated, data-driven operations.  

The WISC supports this effort in a major way for industrial organizations across manufacturing, distribution, utilities and energy; here are some of the use cases you'll experience: 

WWT brings together collective experience in IT, OT and industrial operations. We understand your business, operational and technical challenges and can help you overcome them. The WISC is a testament to our goal of helping clients attain modern IT capabilities in OT environments, while meeting the reliability, security and performance criteria required in industrial production environments.  

Currently, the WISC is equipped with mainstream and emerging IT capabilities, spanning technology infrastructure, security, data and AI – integrated with a variety of OT systems.  We will continue to expand this offering into a virtual powerhouse of integrated IT-OT capabilities that address a significant range of use cases across industries. We intend to help make your strategy and solution decisions unquestionable! 

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