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Conventional hybrid cloud environments are often a solution for enterprises looking to keep data in the cloud, at the edge and on-premises.   

But as digital transformations accelerate at the speed of light—and expectations for faster, agile, scalable workloads grow—how do businesses manage a siloed, complex hybrid cloud environment?  

Enter cloud-native data infrastructure.

Cloud-native data infrastructure empowers organizations to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. It provides a cloud operating model and a flexible consumption experience wherever your data lives. 

HPE GreenLake's premiere cloud-native data infrastructure, HPE Alletra, delivers architectural flexibility without the complexity of traditional storage, so you can move from simply maintaining your infrastructure to maximizing its true potential.  

Public cloud doesn't work for every workload

Public cloud standardized on-demand access, infinite scalability and consumption-based cost models, but 88% of businesses are bringing cloud-native apps on-premises. Cost, security and latency are all contributing to the repatriation of critical applications, and so is an influx of data inhibited by legacy infrastructure.  

Data creation is on an exponential path. As of 2025, 463 exabytes of data will be generated daily. Legacy infrastructure is struggling to keep up. 

Complex data and storage management create a barrier for organizations looking to innovate. 82% of IT decision makers cite legacy storage management as a major pain point for their teams, and 93% see it impeding digital transformation. 

Organizations clearly need a new way to manage the influx of data generated within their organizations. And as the application landscape shifts, there's an increased demand for a cloud-everywhere experience.  

HPE Alletra allows organizations to power their data from edge to cloud, even as they face the challenges and paradigm shifts in their data infrastructure. Here's how: 

Infrastructure that is cloud-native by design 

To bring the cloud experience to every workload and still keep costs down, HPE Alletra streamlines storage management across all environments with cloud-native capabilities. 

HPE Alletra is purpose-built for consumption from edge to cloud. It capitalizes on the advantages of a cloud computing delivery model without the surprises by offering automated, programmable, and elastic cloud operations within a single, consistent experience across on-premise and public cloud environments. 

It's also easy to use. By packaging Data Storage-as-a-Service through a single pane of glass, HPE Alletra ensures IT resources are always-on and instantly available.  

Operate at cloud speed and scale

Because HPE Alletra optimizes any workload—from legacy to modern applications—flexibility is built right into your infrastructure.

Since everything is delivered as a service,  you can ensure your systems remain up to date without any disruptions. This means, you can lifecycle your infrastructure easily and efficiently with simple deployments and invisible upgrades, and even set upgrades to happen automatically during off times. 

Say goodbye to complex storage provisioning

HPE Alletra allows you to instantly provision on-premises storage at scale with the cloud experience. This is called intent-based provisioning. 

Intent-based provisioning ensures your system constantly optimizes your resources: 

Now, you can see where your data should be stored across your environment with real-time context from resource headroom and app-specific SLAs.

Because intent-based provisioning is AI-based, self-service and leverages role-based access control, HPE Alletra enables your experts to focus on driving business innovation instead of diving into spreadsheets.  

Manage any app, anytime, from anywhere

HPE Alletra brings you the ability to manage your entire data infrastructure from any device. This provides an intuitive software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based user experience that's easy to use and right at your fingertips.  

Plus, you can consolidate your infrastructure management into a single platform, so even as you make changes to multiple systems across multiple data centers, you have the most up-to-date information at all times.  

Save time and money

Because HPE Alletra is powered by HPE GreenLake  Cloud Platform, you can tap into the flexible consumption models that help you predict your costs, speed up your time-to-market and meet targeted business goals.  

Consumption-based models free up your cash flow, don't lock you into long-term contracts, and ensure you have the financial agility you need to change with the latest and greatest.  

How consumption-based pricing works for your business and your budget:  

  • Only pay for what you use since flexible consumption models mirror your usage.
  • Scale-up and down with freedom knowing that additional storage is always available and can be reconfigured at any time.
  • Consume resources as a service via HPE GreenLake pay-per-use or opt for a complete turnkey solution that's managed for you.

Which offering is right for you? 

HPE Alletra comes in three product lines, each delivering agility and simplicity for every application from edge to cloud. But which one is right for your business? 

HPE Alletra 9000

Perfect for mission-critical workloads  

✅ 100% availability 

✅ extreme performance  

HPE Alletra 6000

Essential for business-critical workloads  

✅ delivers on strict SLAs 

✅ always-on data services 

HPE Alletra 5000

Built for general purpose-workloads  

✅ ultra-efficient 

✅ simple to use 

Talk with an infrastructure expert 

For more on which HPE Alletra solution fits your business needs, consider consulting a third-party advisor like WWT. 

Our experts provide industry best practices and knowledge of emerging storage solutions you can leverage to configure your infrastructure to fit your exact needs. As a long-time HPE Platinum Partner, WWT experts are well-versed in the HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform. Through their close work with HPE, WWT helps organizations like yours optimize your IT environments to deliver services that transform your business. 

Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) provides hands-on access to explore any of the HPE Alletra storage solutions and interact directly with expert solution architects that can provide product comparisons and recommendations.

For more on HPE Alletra, connect with our experts. 


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