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Data centers are entering a new era of unprecedented compute and core count-hungry applications. More than ever, data center operators and owners need to rethink increased densities and the challenge posed as conventional air cooling reaches its limits. 

As market demand for high-performance, high frequency and multi-core computing, intense workload environments such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and challenging edge applications increase, data center teams are looking for future-proof, end-to-end data center solutions. With the combined benefits of the latest innovations in direct-on-chip, two-phase, waterless liquid cooling and system integrator services, data center owners can address a wide range of needs across the enterprise, hosting and hyperscale, from the edge to the cloud. 

With its direct-on-chip, waterless, two-phase liquid cooling solution (2PLC), ZutaCore is positioned well to serve this unmet need in the data center cooling market for both retrofit and new builds. It is an elegantly simple solution to a complex problem. It's scalable, compact, safe and reliable. It's fast and easy to implement and economical to operate.

Benefits of 2PLC

ZutaCore HyperCoolTM direct-on-chip 2PLC uses low-pressure cooling to alleviate boundaries at the chip, server, rack, POD and data center levels. Dissipating heat at the source cuts the amount of cooling power infrastructure needed from the server to the data center. Eliminating the risk of IT meltdown and engineered for low-flow and low-pressure allows for compact design and high densities. Coupled with on-demand and closed-loop features, HyperCool maximizes cooling efficiencies, guaranteeing consistent performance in any climate and location. This solution only requires three subsystems, direct-on-chip evaporators, liquid/vapor manifolds, and heat-rejection units, reducing the data center design to the commissioning cycle.

Compatible with existing and forthcoming processors and server form-factors and adhering to standard integration, operational and service processes, HyperCool is a complete system that:

  • Eliminates the risk of water.
  • Reduces a data center footprint by up to 50 percent.
  • Enables customers to cool the industry's hottest chips beyond 1,000W.
  • Allows customers to address heat-fluxes over 250W/cm2.
  • Produces an unmatched low PUE and high efficiency in any climate.
  • Cools evenly with repeatable results at high core counts to avoid temperature swings and changing numerical results.

HyperCool is complimented by software-defined-cooling (SDC) solutions for virtualization of cooling assets, predictive operations, and optimization of infrastructures whether at the edge, core or cloud. The SDC allows for the 2PLC system to be managed with a high level of granularity and further enhanced with more intelligence to surpass typical efficiencies.

HyperCool removes the need for facility customization by fitting various data center architectures, allowing for gradual deployments. Once installed, the hot-swappable system is autonomous. The HyperCool solution can be rolled right into existing racks—standard, OCP or Open19—to empower the next generation of data center infrastructure today.

HyperCool data center cooling solution

The result

The data center shrinks, noise is reduced, limited energy, water, land and construction resources are saved, CapEx and OpEx are slashed. The data center operator and owner returns on investment (ROI) and capital (ROC) are accelerated as the value of real estate assets is maximized.

With 2PLC from ZutaCore, WWT offers designs that fit into current and future data center infrastructure ecosystems. Together, 2PLC and WWT solutions and services provide maintenance and continuous operations confidence of the most innovative approach to sustainable data center cooling.

Now, data center operators and owners can push the boundaries of performance, efficiencies, sustainability and economics. This capability allows them to answer the demand for higher performance systems in less space, higher energy efficiency and adherence to sustainability requirements for today's power and cooling needs. 

To learn how WWT along with Zutacore can help ensure high performance compute installations are supported by proper cooling solutions, follow our Facilities Infrastructure focus area and request a workshop or assessment with our experts.