The importance of visibility

WWT works to solve customers' most pressing business challenges, and security is a top of mind issue. WWT doesn't work alone, however. Through partnerships with strategic organizations such as Tanium and Expanse, we can help IT groups and security teams discover, manage and secure their global internet assets.

Visibility is a primary concern for all customers WWT serves, whether it's a global service provider, financial institution or federal agency. A company must understand IT to understand where assets exist and how to protect them.

In order to secure information on your network and increase efficiency of the business, it is essential to identify exactly what is on your network. That is why asset management is the first step in security visibility. Companies must be able to identify how many computers are in their network, who is using the computers, what applications are installed, and what are the company's vulnerabilities, ultimately leading up to the final question: Have you been breached?

How Expanse, Tanium and WWT work together

It is no secret that people are a large part of the security visibility equation. There is a shortage of 3 million workers in security, creating an apparent hole in the security space which can be detrimental to a business. Our goal is to work with customers and bridge the communication gap between IT, networking, application and other teams across the business.

WWT, Expanse and Tanium each have a complimentary approach that includes complexity of environment, time and visibility. With this, we are able to provide complete visibility. Expanse provides it from the outside in, while Tanium conversely provides it from the inside out. This gives an overarching comprehensive view of more than just the endpoint, creating successful security solutions for customers.

Chris Konrad also takes a deep dive into visibility and how our partnerships with Expanse and Tanium should particularly interest service providers in the article, For Service Providers, Security Begins and Ends with Visibility.

To listen to the podcast version of the panel discussion between Bob Olwig, Rudy Kasprzyk and Chris Konrad from WWT, Dylan Deanda from Tanium and Kevin Kriebel from Expanse, click on the link below.