Partner Spotlight: Tanium

Tanium & WWT: Real-time visibility, comprehensive control and rapid response.

Since becoming partners in 2014, WWT has grown to become one of Tanium's largest and most strategic partners across multiple industries.

Together we provide customers with an innovative platform that unifies security and IT operations teams with a single view of critical endpoint data in real-time that's comprehensive and accurate so that organizations can make informed decisions and act with lightning speed to minimize disruptions to the business.

Tanium and WWT Partnership

WWT and Tanium together help the world's largest organizations solve their operational and security challenges. 


Tanium Endpoint Management helps the largest and most demanding organizations manage, inventory, monitor, contextualize and remediate end-user, server and cloud endpoints with ultimate visibility and control at scale.

Digital Workspace

Tanium unifies IT operations and security teams, helping to solve one of the most challenging issues facing IT teams as they ramp up telework and distance learning: how to effectively manage security, compliance and performance for a distributed environment.

Endpoint Security & Risk

Tanium helps the largest and most demanding organizations identify and protect managed and unmanaged devices. Businesses can respond to and recover from threats and breaches with near-instant speed, visibility and control, at any scale.

Infrastructure & Data Center

Tanium delivers visibility and control at the speed and scale of today’s IT environments. Whether organizations are handling tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of endpoints, Tanium not only adapts to scale, it thrives on it.

Tanium in the ATC

WWT’s Tanium labs in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) allow our customers to explore, evaluate and address real-world challenges they are facing in their environments. 

WWT's ATC Tanium Proving Ground Lab provides a unified solution built around relevant use cases, showcasing an architecture that solves the business problems our customers are currently facing, including patch management, threat detection, asset management, software license reclamation and continuous compliance.

Tanium in the ATC

To learn more about our Tanium capabilities, speak with an expert or to take advantage of what we have in our labs, please complete our Contact Us form.

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