We learn best when we're engaged and entertained. 

WWT's Cyber Range provides an arena for unprecedented training and access to a suite of commercial tools used in a real-world cyber incident in a gamified environment that will capture the imagination and attention of your operations teams.








Hosted in our state-of-the-art Advanced Technology Center (ATC), Cyber Range pairs real-world, hands-on learning with fun, entertaining gameplay on a scalable platform that can facilitate any type of force-on-force simulation. 

  • Boost resiliency by evaluating advanced cyber technologies.
  • Bolster your capabilities by enhancing skillsets for emerging tools and solutions.
  • Strengthen your posture by assessing individual skills and identifying gaps on your teams.
  • Fortify your operations by establishing chemistry among your cyber teams.

Cybersecurity attacks are among the top global risks businesses face today. Putting the right safeguards in place can be costly, so we've made finding, understanding, and training on cybersecurity solutions easy and affordable. 

WWT's Cyber Range is a controlled cybersecurity environment that eliminates the costs of expensive infrastructure by using cloud-based access coupled with the ability to control consumption-based usage. It also serves as a cost-effective way of delivering a safe and realistic haven for training staff on micro to full-scale simulations of cyberattacks, and a safe space where cross-functional teams can work in conjunction to improve their cyber readiness and address vulnerabilities.

The WWT Cyber Range has been built to accommodate even the most complex and demanding customer requirements. The following technical domains can be targeted: 

  • Remote worker networks
  • Vulnerable web applications
  • Misconfigured container environments
  • Workloads spanning multiple data centers
  • Unmanaged IoT and ICS devices
  • Compromised third-party vendor networks
  • Data exfiltration from insecure datastores
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