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Zerto provides enterprise-grade business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for cloud and virtualized environments. Zerto released its first and primary product, Zerto Virtual Replication, in 2011. All its solutions are hypervisor and storage agnostic, which means they can be deployed across all platforms. The company was acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in September 2021.

Zerto's Virtual Replication solution automates disaster recovery implementation, management and testing. It replicates at the hypervisor level, ensuring additional control, cost savings and flexibility on traditional storage solutions.  

How does Zerto do disaster recovery differently?

Zerto provides a unique approach to disaster recovery. Its hypervisor-based remote replication solutions provide the granularity that complex modern enterprise infrastructures require without affecting flexibility, operation simplicity, performance and scalability.

Zerto provides a single platform for cloud data management and protection. Zerto replication is available for hybrid, private and public clouds and is centrally managed, multi-tenant, multi-site and technology agnostic.  

Furthermore, the Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform is based on Virtual Replication and focuses on continuity across hybrid, on-premises and public cloud environments. It acts as an extension of Virtual Replication and enables you to support your current and future virtual infrastructures. This ensures you have everything they need to protect your cloud infrastructure in one simple and scalable platform.

Zerto backup and Zerto replication solutions are purpose-built for tier-one applications on virtual infrastructures. This makes Virtual Replication the only solution to combine block-level, application-constant data protection with near-continuous replication across hosts and storage. Zerto disaster recovery also separates applications from physical constructs at a data protection level.  

Zerto's solutions are designed to be simple to install and use, making them ideal for use in cloud infrastructure and data centers. They're also fully protocol and vendor agnostic, protecting users' data from external sources.  

What are the features and benefits of Zerto Cloud?

Zerto Cloud offers a wide range of benefits for enterprises across all industries. Its key features and benefits include:

Disaster recovery and automated failover

Zerto disaster recovery provides an industry-leading service that significantly reduces data loss and downtime in the event of disruptions like hardware failures and natural disasters. Its continuous data protection ensures you get the lowest possible Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and fastest possible Recovery Time Objective (RTO). This enables you to manage, protect, and recover all critical digital assets, from multi-VM applications to single servers and whole clusters, regardless of whether you recover to secondary sites, the public cloud, or managed service providers.  

Continuous backup

Zerto backup transforms the traditional concept of creating copies every 12 to 24 hours by providing ongoing, continuous backups every five to 15 seconds. Zerto uses Continuous Data Protection (CDP) rather than snapshots, which ensures it doesn't affect production and means you don't need to worry about backup windows. Therefore, you can enjoy instant recovery of files, folders, and VMs, which provides constant protection against ransomware and accidental deletions.

Data mobility and migration

Zerto data backup and recovery offers advanced data mobility and migration options that enable you to quickly and seamlessly move applications and data. This is ideal for situations like data center consolidations, going through mergers and acquisitions or on-ramping to the cloud. Zerto's fully orchestrated platform lets you speed up migrations from different hypervisors and to or from the public cloud and back again without being locked into specific clouds or platforms.  

Test and deploy

Zerto provides continuous replication, which provides constant copies of production systems. You can use Zerto replication to rapidly deploy test and development servers that are almost identical to production servers. As a result, you can test new code and validate patches in isolated environments that don't affect production.  

Security and compliance

Zerto provides an unrivaled level of granularity that prevents advanced cyber threats like malware and ransomware from affecting your everyday business activity. Zerto enables you to quickly rewind to a specific time before a potential attack and restore unencrypted files or VMs. Its rapid granularity allows on-demand sandboxes, which are crucial for post-incident forensic analysis, and simplifies penetration testing processes.  

How can World Wide Technology help with Zerto?

As an HPE Platinum Partner, WWT is a leading provider of advanced cloud, compute and storage solutions. Our partnership with HPE enables us to help organizations optimize their cloud and IT environments and transform their business. Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) enables you to evaluate, explore and gain hands-on experience of HPE technologies, including the Zerto cloud platform. With ATC, you can design, test and prove solutions that utilize Zerto's backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Discover how WWT can help your organization reap the benefits of Zerto backup and recovery solutions.