With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, finding the right IT security provider is more important than ever. World Wide Technology (WWT) is an ideal security provider. 

WWT has a robust security practice that is enhanced by our strong partnership with IBM. This partnership combines WWT's expertise with IBM Security Platforms with IBM Security® enterprise cybersecurity solutions to help you thrive in the face of uncertainty.

WWT Security Practice

At WWT, we understand that the field of cybersecurity is changing fast. Protecting endpoints and the edge of the network is increasingly important in today's threat landscape. That's why the WWT security practice takes a holistic approach to security transformation, making cybersecurity an integral part of your business. We work to understand everything from your approach to identity and access management to managing the convergence of OT, IT, and IoT..

As part of our security practice, we recommend focusing on 3 pillars for a proactive and holistic approach to security: Modernize your enterprise security, Manage your identity and access lifecycle, Secure your operational technology

We also advise our clients to develop an enterprise security program that optimizes cyber defense capabilities, improves threat response, mitigates breaches, and closes compliance gaps. The WWT security practice helps companies develop security strategies and programs by offering a range of cybersecurity solutions and services, including: Cloud Security, Cyber Resilience,  EDR, Network Security and Security Operations.

WWT and IBM Partnership

WWT partner with IBM to provide WWT customers with security architecture that protects their data, network, and applications. IBM Security works with you to help protect your business with an advanced and integrated portfolio of enterprise security products and services, infused with AI and a modern approach to your security strategy using zero trust principles—helping you thrive in the face of uncertainty. WWT and IBM can help you manage and govern risk surrounding modern hybrid cloud environments, by aligning your strategy to your business, integrating solutions around your digital users, assets, and data, and by deploying the right technology to manage your defenses around growing threats.

WWT gives our customers the benefit of certified expertise in leading security solutions, including IBM Security QRadar, through our security practice. WWT hold all relevant IBM Security badges and certifications, empowering us to deliver security solutions to support WWT customers. IBM QRadar XDR/XDR Connect can sit on top of existing SIEM solutions, adding value by aggregating dispersed security tools. QRadar XDR provides a single workflow across all your security tools and provides greater visibility, automation, and contextual insights.

Modernizing Your Cybersecurity

Companies must adopt a Zero Trust approach to security. In partnership with IBM, the WWT security practice can help you adopt this modern security philosophy of "never trust; always verify."

One of our main solution focuses is on security transformation. When you turn to us for cybersecurity, we can provide you with the right security tools, including IBM QRadar XDR Connect, to prevent threats from infiltrating your systems.

With QRadar XDR, WWT's customers can integrate their IT security with other solutions.  XDR Connect has been especially key for our clients that use Splunk and other SIEM products, because it extracts more value from their current solution.

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