Today's digital economy is creating waves of unavoidable disruption felt by organizations across all sectors of the economy.  

Ignoring these waves inevitably leads to obsolescence. The only way to combat disruption is by embracing it and meeting it with innovation.  

What sparks innovation? The most fundamental building block of innovation, according to the National Academy of Sciences' Rising Above the Gathering Storm, is newly acquired knowledge.  

Learning, in effect, is one of the great fuels that drive innovation.  

For over 30 years, we've leaned into our collective passion for learning to create a culture of innovation that has enabled us to make a positive difference not only for our customers and partners, but for our people and communities across the globe. 

That's why we're excited to be supporting K'iin Beh, a bilingual non-profit school in the Riviera Maya for children from marginalized areas, as part of our work with the PGA TOUR as title sponsor of the World Wide Championship at Mayakoba.  

K'iin Beh's mission to help students believe in themselves, their skills and capacities to become successful human beings with positive values and future leaders of their community aligns perfectly with our aspiration of making the world a better place for all.  

WWT is proud to send a portion of the tournament's proceeds to K'iin Beh, which will use the money to to support its mission of providing high quality education to poor children, strengthen self-esteem by instilling human and civil values, and teach children to live with goals and leadership.  

That mission is simply stated. But education, much like digital transformation efforts being undertaken by companies across the world, is not without headwinds and setbacks. Learning is hard and takes commitment. Perseverance and confidence play critical roles.  

As confidence is crucial to learning, and learning is a key ingredient to innovation, our partnership with K'iin Beh is integral to our goal of driving innovation that makes a positive impact

Transformational change doesn't happen overnight. It takes dedication, resources and strong partnerships to make it work. Those things take time. Our partnership with K'iin Beh is fostering an environment in which students can begin to think critically about how they can tackle challenges as they arise.  

In turn, our work with K'iin Beh is helping give birth to a new generation of innovative thinkers able to make a new world happen.