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Since expanding our global footprint into the Asia Pacific market in 2009, WWT has quickly established itself as a go-to technology integrator for large institutions in the region. Our dedicated team in Asia Pacific comprised of talented individuals with expertise across a broad range of disciplines, both technology and business, and include industry-experienced engineers, solution architects/consultants, application developers, program managers and a strong client support.

Overall, we attribute our success in the market to two key focus areas: our 24/7, on-demand, virtually accessible Advanced Technology Center (ATC), and our Asia Integration Centers in Singapore and India. These centers help our customers deliver results in a fraction of the time it would take for a customer to implement new technology.

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We scale globally

WWT understands the importance of supporting our clients on a global basis, mirroring the way in which their businesses operate. As a result, WWT has invested heavily in developing a unique business model that helps enable large global enterprises to be serviced with a consistent, highly accessible and diverse support structure. Today, WWT's footprint spans the globe to help meet your needs.


WWT has entities in many locations across APAC. Explore all our locations.

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We leverage 300+ OEM partners, including

Case Study focus: Fortune 50 Bank efficiency and pricing gains through the ATC

Utilising WWT's Advanced Technology Centre as a pre-certification environment, a Fortune 50 Bank tested potential solutions against their stringent security standards, completing bake-off for competing technology vendors to verify and select the best options that meet their requirements.

During this exercise, over 34 vendors and their corresponding products were evaluated across a variety of technology domains.

Case Study focus: Fortune 50 Bank efficiency and pricing gains through the ATC


The bank achieved a two-thirds reduction in testing cycle times and the ability to complete a higher volume of POCs when compared to using traditional non-ATC methods. In addition to the efficiency gains, WWT provided a matrix overview of common features available across the competing OEMs that allowed the client to negotiate better pricing.

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