Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment

6 hours
Are you ready to migrate to the cloud? To mobilize the people and resources needed to migrate an enterprise at scale, you must first assess your readiness and inventory your portfolio. Our Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment takes you through the steps necessary to build a cloud migration business case and align key stakeholders and leadership behind shared goals.

What to Expect

Our cloud experts will work with you to assess and evaluate your migration readiness by delving into questions across six adoption framework perspectives: business, people, governance, platform, security and operations. This exercise will help ensure you have a holistic view of the related transformation initiatives that may be required for successful cloud migration.


A migration readiness assessment generally consists of four steps:

  1. WWT schedules a 4-5 hour readiness assessment kickoff meeting (with required attendance by all key stakeholders).
  2. Our team facilitates discussion using an aligned set of questions from our Cloud Adoption Framework to guide the conversation. This is a great opportunity to build consensus regarding the current readiness state, establish a plan forward, and identify any risks.
  3. Our team then analyzes the gathered information and documented observations to advise on the optimal migration plan.
  4. Once our analysis is complete, we will schedule and conduct a debrief with your team (this can be accomplished in as little as an hour).

Goals & Objectives

A Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment helps organizations properly prepare for the complexity of migration initiatives. 

Deliverable: After the assessment, a final report will be delivered that includes detailed answers to all questions and issues discussed during the main assessment session, plus a summary of our expert observations, recommended next steps and a statement of work (SoW) that details how WWT can help you resolve any identified gaps or challenges.


Participants can expect three main outcomes from a migration readiness assessment:

  1. Understand where their organization is in its cloud journey
  2. Identify areas of strength and weakness from a cloud-readiness perspective
  3. Develop an action plan to resolve identified gaps (so the migration can scale without needing to pause to solve foundational issues)

Related outcomes often include:

  1. Alignment and consensus building within the team
  2. Identification of best practices within the organization that can be leveraged and scaled
  3. A reduction in roadblocks that can disrupt migration progress