Patch Management Assessment

As the threat landscape evolves, one thing remains consistent and that is need to apply security patches to systems and devices processing or storing an organization's data. The number of vulnerabilities organizations need to address continues to grow as technologies such as IOT expand. The problem is further amplified by most organizations leveraging multi/hybrid cloud environments in addition to traditional data centers.


WWT's Patch Management Assessment evaluates an organization's ability to patch in a cost-effective manner while reducing risk. This is accomplished by evaluating the patch-relevant teams, processes, and technologies. 

We've helped organizations reduce the cost of patching while providing visibility so better risk informed decisions can be made.  This assessment consists reviewing the patch management process from end to end and completing these tasks:

  • Gap analysis of patch management relevant people, processes, and patching tools
  • Root cause analysis of patch failures for selected problem servers and patches
  • Rationalization of patching tools (overlaps, gaps, etc.) and product/technology recommendations
  • Determining whether current patch relevant teams are aligned with industry standard roles and responsibilities (RACI)
  • Identification of patching KPIs